Legal Experts Across the Political Spectrum Are Laughing at Alvin Bragg's Indictment of Donald Trump

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RedState’s Nick Arama has had Alvin Bragg’s number for quite some time, predicting that the 34-count indictment would amount to charge stacking and that there could be nothing a serious lawyer would put their name to in it (and she’s written a new analysis now that we have the actual indictment, here).


I wrote earlier that once we saw the indictment we knew why Alvin Bragg wanted it to be sealed as long as possible, and that according to one reporter who was in the courtroom Trump’s attorneys laughed when they read it. Trump’s attorney Joseph Tacopino seemed to confirm this with an answer during a press conference after the indictment:

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe called it “an indictment of Alvin Bragg” and said that “legitimate law schools will forever use this indictment to teach the concept of prosecutorial abuse of discretion.”


Vox’s Ian Millhiser first admitted that the legal underpinnings are… “not great.”

Then followed it up with this tweet (referencing the same article) that his fears that the case gets tossed out “on a technicality” have been confirmed.

I would link directly to “Expert” Tom Nichols’ tweet that even a fellow Never Trumper scoffed at, but he blocked me a while back. Of course, Nichols doesn’t understand why basically every single person with any understanding of criminal law, lawyer or not, says the indictment is a nothingburger (and that’s being kind). Sarah Isgur took pity and tried to explain it to him as if he would understand.


My friend and former RedStater Dan McLaughlin: “Calling this thin gruel is an insult to thin gruel.”

As RedState’s Jeff Charles noted, even CNN’s experts were sounding the sad trombone.

Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton correctly opined that “Trump and the American people have been abused.”

Attorney Robert Barnes asked, “Where’s the meat?”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) labeled the indictment frivolous, the arrest a mockery of the rule of law, and called it a political “persecution.”


It certainly looks like this case will be dismissed, and even if a conviction somehow occurs there’s no way any serious appellate court or even the US Supreme Court will let it stand. And Alvin Bragg, who’s a laughingstock right now, will be completely canceled by the leftists. He should enjoy the 15 minutes of fame while it lasts.



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