Nikki Fried Loses Big to Charlie Crist in FL Dem Primary, Now She'll Have to Find a New Excuse to Stalk DeSantis

We’ve reported on the crazy hijinks of Nikki Fried, the Florida Democrat whose dream was to challenge Gov. Ron DeSantis in November in his bid for re-election in the Sunshine State. Sadly for Nikki, the universe had already determined that only one of the DeSantis administration-obsessed women running for office in Florida could make it through the primary – and it wasn’t her.


With her dreams dashed, Fried will have to find another reason to fixate on DeSantis and show up at his events.

Former Republican Charlie Crist, who’s also a former Florida governor, will face DeSantis in November. Despite all of Fried’s earned media, which gave her a great deal of name recognition, donors and prominent liberal organizations like Emily’s List and AFL-CIO all flocked to Crist with money and endorsements. As it turns out, somewhat serious people (giving these donors and organizations way too much credit here) don’t really think it’s a great idea for a supposedly non-fringe gubernatorial candidate to create and tweet their own photoshopped memes calling the sitting governor a “dick-tater” …

… or that insinuating that a sex tape exists somewhere out there in the wild by issuing a denial to an accusation no one ever levied isn’t the most advisable media strategy.


Sadly, this race won’t be quite as exciting without Fried’s continued presence; however, it wouldn’t be surprising if Fried continued to insert herself, whether as a paid provocateur or as someone simply obsessed with a person who likely doesn’t think about her at all.


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