It's Time for Real Feminists to Get Loud

It's Time for Real Feminists to Get Loud

Feminists used to shout, “The future is female,” but it’s clear these days that isn’t the case or even the intent. Between biological men invading women’s sports, a Supreme Court justice being unable to define what a woman is, and teachers giving puberty blockers behind parents’ backs, many have asked, “Where are the feminists? Where are the real feminists?”

We’re right here, and we’ve been quiet for far too long — but that’s about to change.

Back in 2012, inspired by Barack Obama and the Democrats’ terrible ad campaign about “Julia,” a woman who needed to be cared for from cradle to grave by her sugar daddy, the Government, and insulted by the Left’s belief that they owned feminism, Kira Davis and I started an organization called “The Real Feminist” but due to various life factors we weren’t able to keep it going past that year’s election.

Here’s how we described our beliefs then:

As women, we are tired of the left defining feminism. We are tired of watching those who claim to be champions for feminism continually insult and deride women who make choices for their own lives that they might not agree with – choices like staying at home to raise their children or choosing to give their daughters pink toy appliances. The feminist movement of the ‘60s and ‘70s was successful in gaining more economic freedoms for women across the country. However, the movement went from liberating women to binding them. The old stereotypes about the roles of women in American society were simply replaced with new ones – roles determined by those who called themselves feminists. Their ideas of what women should want to be and how they should act became rigid and inflexible. Women who chose to stay at home, read fairy tales to their daughters, or embrace femininity became the enemy.

It’s time to take back feminism. If the feminist movement was about creating more choices for women, then why does it seem modern feminists are limiting our choices rather than celebrating them? Feminists have completely removed femininity from the movement. We’re bringing it back, and we are wrestling the definition of feminism back from the clutches of bitter feminazis who want to make us the same as men, instead of simply equal. We’re redefining feminism by being women who genuinely celebrate the diversity of womanhood and the choices made therein.

Join us. It’s time to break away from the ironically labeled women’s liberation movement. It’s time to liberate yourself.

Those complaints about feminism seem so quaint these days. Now self-proclaimed feminists (SPF’s) stand silent as the rights of girls and women are trampled on in the name of “tolerance” and “diversity,” as girls are coerced into “gender affirmation treatment” that will harm them for the rest of their lives and most likely leave them infertile, as women who fight for their children as “Mama Bears” are labeled extremists, domestic terrorists, and racists, and as elected officials and teachers unions proclaim that mothers have no right to participate in their children’s education.

These days, self-proclaimed feminists would rather use the term “birthing person” than mother – because they don’t want to acknowledge the unique, nurturing contributions that women make in the lives of children, or that only women can bear children. They mount ad campaigns claiming that “all people have periods” and cheer the use of “pregnant man” emojis – biology be damned.

Thanks to self-proclaimed feminists and their “enlightening” of our culture, the ultimate in mansplaining is occurring as biological men who have “transitioned” are named “Woman of the Year” (i.e., Caitlyn Jenner in 2015, Rachel Levine in 2022) and win championships in women’s sports (Lia Thomas), and anyone who complains or thinks it inappropriate is shouted down. As James Smith, husband of Glamour 2001 Woman of the Year (and September 11 hero) Moira Smith, said:

“I was shocked and saddened to learn that Glamour has just named Bruce Jenner ‘Woman of the Year. Was there no woman in America, or the rest of the world, more deserving than this man?”

While screaming “woman power!” self-proclaimed feminists also act as if women cannot possibly succeed without government handouts.

While there are many things to be opposed to, it’s just as important that we have things we advocate FOR.

Simply put, Real Feminists want women and men to be on equal footing in society, in the workplace, and in the eyes of the law, respect the diversity of life choices that biological women make and believe that individual women are best equipped to make decisions for their lives and for their families, and believe that men and women are biologically different – and that that is a good thing.

Real Feminists don’t believe there’s only one way to be a “good” woman – and that men and women are biologically different and have separate, yet equally important, innate talents.

Real Feminists protect girls by protecting them from “grooming” and from having fertility-destroying hormonal “treatments” pushed on them.

Real Feminists see the transgender movement for what it really is. As it stands now, transgender activists aren’t aiming to just have society accept people for who they are. They want to erase gender — especially the feminine — entirely. When gender can’t be defined, when it changes depending on how that person identifies that day, when hormones are freely administered to change gender expression, when schools teach students to distrust their parents and alienate mothers, then the family unit will be completely destroyed.

We’re fighting back against these destructive ideas, and will highlight the stories of Real Feminists here on the front page of RedState and in a podcast that will debut next week. Stay tuned!

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