Madeleine Albright, Ketanji Brown Jackson, and the Death of 'Women Firsts'

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Madeleine Albright, Secretary of State under President Bill Clinton passed away yesterday at 84 after a battle with cancer. May she rest in peace.

Albright is rightly being celebrated and lionized for her accomplishments, as well as being the first woman United States Secretary of State. No one on the Left or the Right is debating this or blinking an eyelash that this is occurring. No one is rejecting that Albright’s stature in the annals of history is based upon not only her accomplishments, but on the fact that she was a “female first.”


Let’s take a 180 to the sports world. Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas is being celebrated by the legacy media for all the competitions he/she has been winning, easily knocking off his/her biologically female competitors. A CNN headline touted, “Swimmer Lia Thomas becomes first transgender athlete to win an NCAA D-I title.”

Any mention of the fact that Thomas is biologically male and has an unfair advantage over biological females is being couched as trans hate. Conservative commentator and podcaster Charlie Kirk has been locked out of Twitter for expressing the inconvenient truth about Thomas’ DNA. Anyone who dares to point out the fact that no matter how many drugs you ingest and mutilations you undergo, DNA is fixed—it does not change, are deemed heretics and targeted for cancellation.

Yeah, Thomas is a “transgender first.” After all, Bruce Jenner achieved athletic victories and prowess before transitioning to Caitlyn. But the fact that Lia Thomas is being used as an instrument to cancel any women firsts in the NCAA has been treated with contempt, and even more caterwauling about hate and intolerance.

Then we have the first Black woman Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, who is going through confirmation hearings this week with the Senate Judicial Committee.


When Justice Stephen Breyer announced his retirement, President Joe Biden said his requirements of his next nominee would be that it be a Black woman. Nothing about the judicial philosophy or legal qualifications, just that her race and gender were the primary determiners in this nomination.

Enter Judge Brown Jackson, who does have a legal and judicial record that we are only now hearing about thanks to the fact that the legacy media has been having paroxysms over her skin color, her sex, and the fact that she is a first.

These paroxysmic spasms have extended to the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee, like New Jersey Senator Corey Booker, aka “Spartacus.” Fresh off his breakup with girlfriend Rosario Dawson, he obviously is in need of attention.

He has received it in spades for this downright embarrassing display.


Other senators on the Judiciary Committee were not as effusive, but rendered praise and offered congratulations over this whole Black woman first thing.

So, when given a question by another female first, Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn, Judge Brown Jackson had this response.


Ketanji Brown Jackson scratches her head in confusion and says, “I’m not a biologist.” My follow up question would have been if she could she define “Black,” as she essentially canceled one of the two qualifiers that makes her special in the eyes of those pushing for her placement on the Supreme Court. Seriously, these were the main qualifications given for Ketanji Brown Jackson as a Supreme Court nominee, and she cannot be bothered to define one?

As the yoots would say, that’s pretty sus. It’s also pretty sad.

We are living in an upside down world.

Herein is irony: we are celebrating the life of the first woman Secretary of State, and the first Black woman to be nominated for an associate justice slot on the Supreme Court. Yet we allow that same person to skirt the opportunity to affirm her own womanhood and womanhood in general, while we root on a transgender athlete destroying not only the competitive edge, but the records set by female athletes.


People know this is FUBAR. It is freakin’ Women’s History Month. Why anyone thinks we can have it both ways without destroying women and women’s accomplishments is astonishing.

Feel that slippery slope? We’re rapidly sliding down it.




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