RedState Welcomes Tony Katz, the "DC Outsider"

The good news is coming fast and furious at RedState this year. I’m excited to announce that award-winning radio host (and my long-time friend) Tony Katz has joined the RedState team! Tony’s “DC Outsider” video posts will appear exclusively at RedState VIP on Wednesdays and Fridays.


If you’re not already familiar with Tony, he currently hosts “Tony Katz and the Morning News” on WIBC in Indianapolis, the Midwest syndicated “Tony Katz Today” radio program, and the “Eat! Drink! Smoke!” Podcast. He has been a political activist for well over a decade, and hosted the first Tea Party in Los Angeles, at the Santa Monica Pier, along with PJ Media’s Stephen Kruiser and Andrew Breitbart. He is a regular presence on FOX News, appearing on FOX and Friends, The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino, and Tucker Carlson Tonight. He has also done work on CNN and MSNBC, and his articles have appeared on Townhall, The Christian Post, and The Daily Caller.

Tony was already an established new media personality when I joined the conservative blogosphere via Twitter in late 2011, and I had the opportunity to meet him at CPAC 2012, BlogCon Charlotte 2012, and, most memorably, when I attended portions of an Americans for Prosperity bus tour in Northern Virginia and DC on June 29, 2012. How is it that I remember the exact date, you might ask? If you lived in that area on that date, you probably remember that that was the evening of the derecho. It’s also the night that Tony, Stephen Kruiser, a fresh-out-of-college new writer named Matt Vespa (who’s now an editor at our sister site, Townhall) and I thought that perhaps the restaurant we were sitting in was going to be blown completely apart.


For his debut video, available right now on RedState VIP, Tony discusses the White House’s Orwellian plot to curb “misinformation” on social media and rips Jen Psaki a new one. Figuratively, of course. If you’re not a RedState VIP member already, join with promo code “KATZ” for a 25 percent discount.


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