Jen Psaki Circles Back on Space Force With an Insulting Tweet

Jen Psaki Circles Back on Space Force With an Insulting Tweet
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During Tuesday’s White House press briefing Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked if Joe Biden planned to keep the Space Force as Donald Trump had instituted it and, as our Nick Arama reported, Psaki replied with an insulting, “Wow, Space Force… the plane of today!” She again was forced to tell reporters she’d get back to them with more information (or “circle back”) and admitted she didn’t even know who the White House contact is for Space Force.

Psaki’s ignorance and unprofessional, sarcastic attitude were roundly mocked and condemned starting the moment her answer ended. The uproar must have really gotten to her, because a few hours later she posted what she probably considers an apologetic, “trust rebuilding” tweet. (Psaki’s Twitter bio says she “spends most days rebuilding trust with the American people.”)

She wrote:

We look forward to the continuing work of Space Force and invite the members of the team to come visit us in the briefing room anytime to share an update on their important work.

To borrow a phrase from my colleague Scott Hounsell, “Excuse me while I call BS.” At best, Psaki is attempting to look a tiny bit professional after completely dissing Space Force. As Nick Arama pointed out, Psaki apparently had no idea that Space Force foiled an Iranian missile attack in early January and doesn’t grasp how important protecting our space-based assets is to both our national security and our economy. Perhaps she and her boss are okay outsourcing that, too, to Beijing?

Psaki’s words are completely meaningless. They “look forward to the continuing work of Space Force”? What is that work? Was the administration even aware that the work was happening?

She “invite[s] the members of the team to come visit us in the briefing room anytime.” Who are the members? Did she just tweet at them without even tagging Space Force in hopes that they’d see it and call her office, or did she actually call them too? And what kind of invitation is this? “Sure, stop on by anytime.” Every woman knows that type of invitation is code for, “Please don’t stop by.”

At such time as a Space Force team member randomly visits the briefing room, Psaki invites them to “share an update on their important work.” What kind of lazy invitation is that? Instead of getting to know what Space Force is doing so she can then update the press, she wants Space Force officials to do her work. The woman doesn’t even care enough about what they do to crack a book, figuratively speaking, even after being raked over the coals – and not just by “conservative Twitter.”

Psaki’s tweet says far more than she ever dreamed it would, and it perfectly encapsulates Psaki’s elitist, derisive attitude toward protecting our country and those who do the protecting.

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