SF DA Boudin Skips Memorial For Women Killed By Drunk Parolee - to Tweet About Inmates Not Receiving Vaccines

On Friday afternoon, a grieving mother who’d flown to San Francisco from Japan to collect her daughter’s body and belongings spoke at a memorial for that daughter, which was held on a sidewalk near the intersection where a drunk parolee in a stolen car mowed her and another woman down on New Year’s Eve.


After running over Hanaka Abe, 27, and Elizabeth Platt, 60, the parolee kept going, but was quickly apprehended by law enforcement.

The crash has been big news in San Francisco because the man who committed the horrific crime shouldn’t have been on the street. Troy McAllister, 45, was released from prison and placed on parole in April 2020 after serving five years for robbery. He was arrested in November and December on felony charges, but instead of actually filing the charges the San Francisco DA’s office simply notified McAllister’s parole officer that he’d been arrested – punting to the parole office and claiming that the parole officer has a greater ability to lock McAllister up than they do. Police found a handgun with “an extended magazine” in the vehicle McAllister was driving along with methamphetamines.

San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin has been rightfully excoriated for the failures that led to McAllister being in a position to kill two innocent women on New Year’s Eve, but he couldn’t even take the time to pay his respects and grieve with the family. All of the local news stations covered the event, so it would have been a perfect time for Boudin to start to turn around the public perception that he cares more about criminals and enacting his policies than about keeping San Francisco’s residents safe.


Instead, Boudin sat in his office tweeting about an at-risk inmate not receiving the coronavirus vaccine, that inmate being his father.

Why is he incarcerated, Chesa?

For those who might not be aware, Boudin is the son of two Weather Underground members, Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert, who were convicted of murder and imprisoned for their part in the 1981 Brinks armored car robbery in New York. Boudin was then raised by Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.

Apparently the irony of it all escapes Boudin. Newsflash: Rational people don’t care that your father hasn’t been vaccinated yet, Chesa.

Boudin’s spokesperson, Rachel Marshall, told ABC San Francisco that referring McAllister to his state parole officer for his November and December crimes was “standard procedure,” and Boudin blamed the state parole office for failing to provide “the supervision and structure needed from parole to prevent this kind of tragedy from recurring.”

Except it’s not standard procedure – well, not standard procedure in any District Attorney’s office that truly seeks to protect the public. Standard procedure would be to file charges in both of those new cases *and* to refer the defendant to his parole officer. If the defendant’s being arrested but not catching new charges there’s less concern at the parole office level, because it seems to the parole office that perhaps there wasn’t good evidence for the charges or that after arrest officers found evidence showing the defendant wasn’t at fault. Basically – how do you prove that the defendant violated parole and revoke that parole when no charges are filed for their behavior?


Boudin’s policies are insanity. But they’re sure to result in lower case loads, which might be one reason he had time to tweet on the public’s dime, as one respondent on Twitter noted.



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