George Conway's "Lincoln Project" Airs Bleak Ad; Trump Retorts With a Truth Bomb

One of the most successful and iconic political television ads in history was Ronald Reagan’s “Morning in America” ad for his 1984 re-election campaign. The ad highlighted the accomplishments of Reagan’s first term and the optimism for which he was so well-known, and featured everyday, Main Street people.


This year we’re being treated to an extremely poor imitation of that ad, paid for by the Never Trump scam/revenge PAC The Lincoln Project. The PAC, headed by a group of former Republicans (George Conway, Rick Wilson, Reed Galen, and more) and fueled by blind hatred of Donald Trump, bought air time on Fox News Channel for their newest anti-Trump foot stomp.

It’s a bleak ad entitled “Mourning in America” (get it!? They’re so clever). Essentially, they show all of the negative effects of the coronavirus pandemic and blame it them on Trump. From the YouTube description:

Donald Trump’s failed presidency has left the nation weaker, sicker, and teetering on the verge of a new Great Depression. There’s mourning in America.

While the Lincoln Project brain trust certainly didn’t mean it this way (they’re Very Serious Intellectual People, ya know), it comes off as either a terrible parody or Chinese Communist Party propaganda.

President Trump lit up the group on Twitter in a late-night thread and called them what they really are – losers.



He also took the unusual step of bringing up Kellyanne Conway, saying, “I don’t know what Kellyanne did to her deranged loser of a husband….” That probably made conversation around the breakfast table a little awkward.


As POTUS boarded Marine One to leave the White House today he was asked about the video and echoed the same sentiments, but added that he’d have them change their name to the Losers Project.

More about the Lincoln Project and how it’s enriching its board, read “George Conway is Still a Petty, Jealous, Ignorant, Grifting Twit.”


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