EXCLUSIVE: Tom Cotton Runs Anti-Biden Ad Detailing Joe's Cozy Relationship With China

In Sen. Tom Cotton’s view, the most important issue facing America today is standing up to China, and former Vice President Joe Biden is “uniquely bad” on the issue – even worse than Sen. Bernie Sanders. Cotton feels so strongly about this that he’s “launched an ad in Ohio and nationally against Joe Biden over Biden’s decades-long weakness on China,” according to a press release provided to RedState by his campaign.


The spot, which will be released Thursday morning, highlights Biden’s support of trade deals that cost American jobs, his son Hunter’s ties to the Bank of China, and his failure to stand up to Beijing over human rights abuses.

This isn’t the first time Cotton’s dropped an ad against a Democrat presidential candidate. Last year, he put out an anti-Beto ad, targeting the furry’s stance on guns. A Cotton aide told RedState that the Senator expects several of his colleagues to join him in calling out Biden’s “fecklessness on China.”

Cotton told RedState that with any issue related to China, Biden is not on the side of the American people.

“When President Trump took decisive action to ban travel from China to slow down the Wuhan virus pandemic, Joe Biden acted like Beijing’s lawyer and said the policy was ‘hysterical xenophobia.’ China can count on Joe Biden to always take China’s side and that’s why we can’t afford to elect Biden president.”


Sen. Cotton will be running this ad in Ohio and digitally in swing states as part of his initiative to elect conservative veterans and help President Trump win re-election.


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