UPDATE: Antifa Thug Who Threatened Pelosi's Opponent ID'd as School Social Worker

Uploaded 2/3/20 by JVL, screenshot from video in story

Earlier this week we covered the story of John Dennis, the San Francisco GOP chairman who is also running for Nancy Pelosi’s congressional seat, who was threatened by an Antifa thug while participating in a cleanup event.


Thanks to journalist Andy Ngo, who’s known for covering Antifa’s misdeeds, we now know more about the thug. Ngo wrote at the Post Millennial:

A protestor recorded threatening to harm a San Francisco GOP chairman in a viral video has been identified as a local hip-hop DJ and public school social worker.

Stefan Goldstone, who performs as “DJ Sake-1,” accosted John Dennis, 56, last Saturday at the Civic Center in downtown San Francisco during a cleanup event organized by Trump-supporting activist, Scott Pressler. Mr. Dennis is running as the Republican candidate against Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Mr. Goldstone performs frequently in the Bay Area as a DJ and has reportedly been the opening act for hip-hop stars Mos Def and Kanye West. He currently works as a social worker for the San Francisco Unified School District. On social media, he expresses support for left-wing revolutions.

A public school social worker? It’s well-known that public schools are essentially run by lefty commies, but the thought that this man – who called Dennis “racist,” a “piece of s**t,” and told him he wanted him dead, is advising children who are likely going through difficult and traumatic experiences.

To recap, here’s video of Dennis’ exchange with Goldstone:


Goldstone, as he said in the video, is a San Francisco native who has a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of California, Santa Cruz. In a 2016 interview he said he has worked with the Coalition on Homelessness “to help them [homeless people] get housing and get off drugs,” yet he and other “activists” (in air quotes) “claimed the event was racist and stigmatizing to homeless people.”

Even one San Francisco supervisor, Matt Haney, sent out a stupid tweet claiming that the cleanup was “dehumanizing.”

Yes, because buying food from street vendors whose trucks are surrounded by piles of human s**t is much more humane and civilized.

Although Dennis was threatened, another participant was physically assaulted by a masked Antifa bro during the cleanup. That incident has been reported to authorities.


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