After Epstein Arrest, Which Powerful People - and Foundations - Could be Implicated?

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Billionaire convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was arrested Saturday night at his Manhattan mansion by the FBI-NYPD Crimes Against Children Task Force shortly after returning from a month in France. Since Epstein has been linked to leading politicians from many countries, celebrities, business executives, and royals either publicly or by rumor, there’s currently intense speculation about who else might be implicated when Epstein’s indictment is unsealed in New York on Monday.


Julie Brown, a reporter with the Miami Herald who has covered Epstein and the alleged sex trafficking crimes for years, appeared on MSNBC Sunday morning, saying:

“Needless to say, these are very powerful people and I think that they’re sweating a little bit, especially today. We don’t know how much, how deep this went, how far-reaching it went in government, but there have been a lot of names that I could see on these message pads [listing clients] on a regular basis as part of the evidence.”

After reaching a sweetheart plea deal more than a decade ago in Florida, Epstein likely thought his days at risk were behind him. In 2008 he pleaded guilty to just one state charge of soliciting an underage girl for prostitution even though an FBI investigation had “identified nearly three dozen underage victims,” ages 13 to 16, who had been lured to his Palm Beach mansion then groomed to “perform sex acts on Epstein and others.” In exchange for that plea, all federal charges against Epstein (and unnamed potential co-defendants) were dropped.

Ironically, that sweetheart plea deal could be very thing that causes his eventual complete downfall. It’s a slightly convoluted process, but here’s the overview.

Two of Epstein’s victims in the 2008 case sued the US government seeking to nullify the plea deal shortly after it was entered, claiming that the U.S. Attorney’s office “failed to fulfill its legal obligations under the Crime Victims Rights Act to inform and consult with them in the process leading up to Epstein’s plea deal.” In 2014 two more victims joined the suit, and their pleadings contained allegations of sexual abuse not only by Epstein but by “numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known prime minister and other world leaders,” and by Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s alleged madame.


The allegations against all other parties were stricken from the CVRA lawsuit but were eventually reported in the press. After they were reported, Maxwell’s publicist “issued a press statement declaring that [Virginia] Giuffre’s allegations ‘against Ghislaine Maxwell are untrue’ and that her ‘claims are obvious lies.'” In response, Giuffre sued Maxwell for defamation. During the course of that lawsuit, which was eventually settled, the allegations Giuffre made in the CVRA case were resurrected, but those records were placed under seal.

During 2017 and 2018, three parties – the Miami Herald, blogger Mike Cernovich, and famed attorney Alan Dershowitz – filed motions to unseal portions of the record in the case. On July 3, 2019, just three days before Epstein’s request, a three-judge panel from the 2nd Circuit, U.S. Court of Appeals, ordered that the Summary Judgment record in the defamation case (approximately 2,000 pages) be unsealed and that the U.S. District Court review the remaining materials at issue to determine whether those will be unsealed.

So, what might come out in the course of Epstein’s newest criminal proceeding? A tweet from “Ent Lawyer,” an anonymous Hollywood insider who runs the blog “Crazy Days and Nights,” listed a number of “old Jeffrey Epstein blinds…that have been revealed, incl search warrant from 8/18.” Though the blog is run anonymously, a number of its former blind items have eventually been verified, including claims about pedophilia in Hollywood.


Enty names names when revealing these blind items. It should be noted that these stories have not been proven. Epstein is referred to as “billionaire molester” and “billionaire pedophile.”

About Prince Charles, Michael Jackson, and Prince Andrew:

“Kind of hypocritical of this older foreign born A list royal to make a decision on the music of this A++ list celebrity when he himself was best buddies with a notorious child molester and his brother is still best friends with the billionaire molester.”

Regarding Epstein, Cyrus Vance and Harvey Weinstein:

“The same DA that gave the disgraced producer leniency and ignored lots of charges against him was even more blatant in his money for looking the other way justice for the billionaire pedophile.”

Regarding Epstein, Jimmy Savile, Pete Townshend, and Prince Andrew:

“I know they thought they got away with it. When they threw that long time A list celebrity in his country under the bus after his death with planned leaks and a parade of victims, they raised a toast with a bottle of wine that cost $25K while they watched child porn they had filmed and collected. Most of it they had filmed. One is a foreign born permanent A list musician who has briefly touched the third rail of child porn but got away with his lame excuse because of his fame.

The other, a foreign born permanent A list socialite type who has been in this space before because of his banishment from multiple countries for similar offenses. Not so much child porn. Authorities and law enforcement wouldn’t cal it that because of the international incident it would create. It is what it is of course. Tweens and teens being forced into sex acts with the men while they were filmed. The men obscured either with mask or not shown at all. Their voices altered. Our socialite type would buy the tweens and teens while the dead celebrity and the musician used their fame to attract underage groupies who then would be put through ten minutes to ten hours of sex and filming in as many situations as possible, all the while being filmed. Usually with the celebrities, it was unknown filming. With our socialite type, the victims all knew they were being filmed and what would happen if they protested.

Now, with some recent court filings, some of the socialite type’s actions are coming to light and he will make sure to take down as many as possible if needed. He knows because of his stature he is safe. This would not be true for any of the others.


This one only named Epstein, saying he provided underage girls for an “orgy” in the United States (as opposed to Epstein Island):

I seriously want to know why this guy is not in jail. This weekend the guy who owns The Island transported a bunch of porn stars across the country that he passed around like favors at two big parties. Included in that group of porn stars were some from the local area down there. The local ones were legal but they brought friends who were not. This was one big orgy and the owner was laughing it up with guys from countries all over the world and making deals. Earlier today, those young ones and a couple of the very young looking porn stars ended up taking a flight to his island with three big arms dealers and the owner.

Apparently Epstein was served with a search warrant in April, 2018:

“Apparently that really rich/knows everyone/has recordings which is how he got away with the stuff that he did teen trafficker/pimp/island owner recently got served with a search warrant.”

We know there are all sorts of allegations of shady dealings at the Clinton Foundation, but could they include the foundation secretly auctioning a trip to Epstein Sex Island with Bill Clinton and “female extras”? This June 2018 blind item reveal makes that allegation.

“The biggest money maker of the night was two fold. There was the auctioning off of the trip that everyone saw, although, the winner was kept anonymous. Then, there was the behind the scenes, auction. The way it worked was there were maybe a dozen couples or so that were invited to a pre-auction auction before the regular millionaires showed up. Kind of like pregaming a cocktail party. Yes, I know that isn’t a real word. Anyway, a trip to the same place was auctioned but this trip came with female extras all provided by the owner of the island. There is some buzz that the ultimate destination of the trip is the island, but I don’t know that for sure for now. The winning bid on the trip with extras was close to $1M.”


A May 25, 2018 story in Daily Mail covering the May 24 “$100,000 a table” gala “designed to relaunch their troubled family charity” referenced the trip:

Attendees could bid to join Bill on a Clinton Foundation trip to the Carribean, touring what it said were ‘sustainable energy’ projects in the islands, and visit Puerto Rico to see reconstruction efforts after last year’s devastating hurricane.

The trip included the chance to see Lin-Manuel Miranda perform the title role in his hit Hamilton in Puerto Rico, which is scheduled to be next January.

If the blind item is indeed true, it’s pretty ballsy for the Clintons to raise money in such a fashion while already under FBI investigation.

Speaking of Bill Clinton, it was learned in 2016 that the number of times he traveled with Epstein was more than double what had been previously reported (26 instead of 11) and that he’d ditched his Secret Service protection on at least five flights. These flights all took place in the same time frame allegedly covered in the soon-to-be-unsealed indictment (2002-2005).

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