Biden's Social Media Team Already Won the "Biggest Fail" Award for 2020

Uploaded by JVL 4/25/19, Instagram screenshot

On the day that former Vice President Joe Biden announced his third run for the presidency, his social media team scored a huge win.

A huge win… for the biggest blooper of the 2020 cycle, and though 2016 taught us that anything is possible, it’s doubtful that a campaign social media team can top this one.


Using a somewhat dated social media technique, the team posted a series of photos to Biden’s Instagram page that, when viewed as a gallery, would show the entire logo.

Catchy, right?

One (at least) small problem.

In addition to the creepy hand positioning, the placement of the “N” over the photo of Barack Obama is unfortunate, to say the least.

Making the post even more cringeworthy is the fact that Biden cited “Charlottesville” and “Klansmen, white supremacists” as his reason for running.

It didn’t take long for commenters on Instagram and Twitter to pounce on the faux pas.

This is one of those situations where nothing more can be said.


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