Joy Behar: You Rubes Don't Understand the Nuances in Socialism and Infanticide

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As expected, Thursday’s episode of “The View” featured a long-winded discussion of Trump’s talks with North Korea and Michael Cohen’s testimony before the House Oversight Committee. After discussing Trump’s comment that he took Kim Jong-Un “at his word” that he didn’t know about the horrific torture Otto Warmbier endured during his prolonged murder by the regime, Joy Behar asked Meghan McCain, essentially, “Why do Republicans still support this guy?”


McCain’s reply was perfect.

“Because the alternative that’s being presented in front of a lot of Republicans is socialism, third-term abortions, things that I just could never get behind, and you have to present something that is rational.”

Those words didn’t sit well with Behar because she knows that people won’t get behind them. The exchange continued (emphasis mine):

Behar: Well, those two things are being used as cudgels against Democrats —

McCain: No, it’s not.

Behar: — because there are nuances to socialism and infantilism. It’s not what’s really happening, so people need to understand what those words really mean.

Excuse me? First of all, infantilism, according to Merriam-Webster, is:

1 : retention of childish physical, mental, or emotional qualities in adult life especially : failure to attain sexual maturity
2 : an act or expression that indicates lack of maturity

Many people would agree that today’s progressives lack maturity and have retained childish physical, mental, or emotional qualities in adult life, but that’s not the word McCain used. She used “third-term abortion,” meaning late-term abortion and infanticide. And, both of those things, socialism and infanticide, are what the Democrat presidential candidates are supporting. It is what’s happening, but Behar knows the rubes in flyover country won’t be with them if they hear those words.


McCain took umbrage to Behar’s characterization of her vocabulary.

“I’m a highly-educated woman. I know exactly what those things mean, and I understand what Bernie Sanders is presenting in front of me and I don’t agree with it.”

Behar interjected with the poll-tested talking points, saying that Medicare and Social Security are socialist programs and that McCain “doesn’t want any of that,” a/k/a, she wants people to starve and have no medicine. McCain stood her ground:

“I understand what socialism is and what democratic socialism is, and what is being presented in front of me…I am a small government conservative. I am a small government, America-first conservative, and what is being presented to me on the on the alternative side is too radical for me.”

Behar and the rest of the Rashida Tlaib contingent are too dense to understand that McCain is giving them valuable advice. They’re too radical, and the contention that socialism is “nuanced” is preposterous. But keep talking, Joy.



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