Can't Make This Up: "Fight PAC" Avenatti Arrested on Domestic Violence Charge

Michael Avenatti, who has been relentless in his efforts to destroy the character of Justice Brett Kavanaugh and who represents Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against President Trump, has been arrested “on suspicion of domestic assault.” According to ABC’s Los Angeles affiliate, the deadbeat attorney’s arrest took place Wednesday afternoon at the West Los Angeles station.


The assault allegedly occurred Tuesday, but TMZ reports that another confrontation took place Wednesday.

We’re told her face was “swollen and bruised” with “red marks” on both cheeks.

Our sources say the alleged incident occurred Tuesday night, but there was another confrontation Wednesday between the two at an exclusive apartment building in the Century City area of L.A.

We’re told Wednesday afternoon the woman was on the sidewalk on her cellphone with sunglasses covering her eyes, sobbing and screaming on the phone, “I can’t believe you did this to me. I’m going to get a restraining order against you.”

We’re told security brought her inside the building, took her upstairs and Michael showed up 5 minutes later and ran into the building.”

Avenatti’s reaction to being caught shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. He blamed the victim.

He screamed repeatedly, “She hit me first.” We’re told he angrily added, “This is bulls***, this is f***ing bulls***.” We’re told he tried getting into the elevator but security denied him access.

A law enforcement source told TMZ that Avenatti had kicked the woman out of the apartment Tuesday,  and that she returned Wednesday for her belongings – with law enforcement on call.


Avenatti attended the Vanity Fair Summit Tuesday, also in Los Angeles, where he had lunch with MSNBC’s Dylan Byers and proposed that he and Donald Trump Jr. have an MMA fight “for charity.”

Ah, yeah, right, for charity. Avenatti has a sick obsession with the Trump family, and is constantly engaging in virtual phallus measuring with both the President and his son.

Just yesterday Avenatti was on Twitter asking people to “join the Fight Club,” which, in light of the arrest, is an … unfortunate choice of name for his PAC.


Avenatti is a bully, one who seems to be losing whatever grip on reality he previously had, and at least a few people are finally seeing him for what he is. I’ve given Alyssa Milano a lot of grief in the past, but I am happy to see that she has disavowed him.

The arrest adds to a list of legal issues Avenatti is facing, including judgments from creditors for unpaid rent and a potential criminal investigation into false affidavits Avenatti sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee during Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings.


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