Project Veritas "Deep State" Video (un)Shockingly Reveals a Hipster D-Bag

Tuesday morning Project Veritas dropped a much-hinted-at video exposing a State Department staffer as a Democratic Socialists of America activist who vows to “Resist everything…every level. F**k sh*t up!” and boasts about doing so on government time.


According to his LinkedIn profile, Stuart Karaffa has worked as a contracting officer at the State Department for a little over two years and worked at the Department of Defense for five years prior. He was an intern for Sen. Durbin (D-IL) and is fluent in Chinese. His profile doesn’t note that he’s deeply involved in electing Democratic Socialist candidates to office in Washington, D.C. and Virginia.

Karaffa admits to doing his DSA work on government time and doesn’t worry much about being found out because “you can’t fire a government employee.”

In looking through Karaffa’s website and as much of his social media as I could (since he hurriedly protected his tweets), I found that he’s a straight-from-central-casting whiny, entitled, privilege-enjoying personification of The Resistance. He’s such a hipster beta male that one can easily picture him sitting with Pajama Boy over lattes, dreamily watching videos of Hillary speeches from the time before their dreams were shattered.

In his own words:

“The administration cut the program I was on. It was cool. It was a data analytics program. We were gonna modernize, democratize, shine sunlight into places where it should be. And they cut it, and now I’m just straight, like 8:30 to 5. So it gives me so much more time and, like, emotional bandwidth to do this [DSA] stuff.”


Emotional bandwidth? What? Why does one need “emotional bandwidth” to be part of a political movement?

There are more treasures to be found on his campaign website. His hobbies:

“I am an avid cyclcist, runner, hiker, and enjoyer of all the fun things that D.C. has to offer. On any given weekend, you can find me biking on the trails in Rock Creek Park, lounging with roommates on our front porch, or enjoying a papusa at Haydee’s Restaurant.”

Enjoying a papusa? That is cultural appropriation, and this white man who’s enjoyed privilege for his entire life just admitted he enjoys it.

And, of course, you can find him biking on the trails “on any given weekend.

“As an almost eight-year resident of the District of Columbia—with no plans to move away anytime soon—I care deeply about how we develop our city in the years and decades to come. I believe that this development must be equitable, in that all D.C. rpesidents should be able to enjoy the benefits of a more populated, prosperous, and lively city.

“My beliefs on equitable city-wide development carry over to my views on the future of Mount Pleasant. Specifically, if elected as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, I will advocate strongly for the below positions.”

The positions he will advocate for strongly (with edgy hashtag campaigns, no doubt) include enforcing parking rules, building shared social spaces, sustaining diversity, improving bikeability and walkability, and ensuring quality public transit options.


Like all properly trained hipster men, he virtue signals about biking and walking and apologizes for needing to rent a car occasionally.

As much as I like being able to walk and bike everywhere from Mount Pleasant, sometimes I need to rent a car (for moving things or taking a trip), and I need to park that car on Irving or Kenyon Streets. As a neighborhood resident, I want to be reasonably sure that I’ll have a place to park near my home.

So, he would:

Encourage the police and parking authorities to enforce street parking rules, so that visitors to the neighborhood only park within the allowable timeframes.

Obviously people should follow parking rules, but that’s important enough to be at the top of your campaign priorities? How often do you move or take a trip?

And, of course, there’s an “affordable housing” spiel that sounds like Robin Hood. He wants more rent stabilization laws, requiring any new residential products to have 40 percent (!!!) of their units designated as “affordable housing,” and paying for it by “raising taxes on the city’s wealthiest residents.” All of this requires administration by un-fireable, union card carrying, government employees.

Under “building shared social spaces,” he envisions “the building of shaded seating areas and concrete checkers/chess tables in Lamont Park (at Lamont and Mount Pleasant Streets).” And how will these checkers/chess tables be maintained? Will people bring their own pieces? And why is this government’s place?


The fact that Mount Pleasant residents hold a variety of jobs, live in different types of buildings, and choose various modes of transportation means that there are all kinds of people out and about at any given time.

But how safe is this neighborhood? rates Mount Pleasant an A+ for millennials, but the neighborhood only rates a C+ for crime and safety. Assaults are well below the national average, but will ‘ya look at those murder and robbery numbers?

When he does finally talk about crime, which is listed dead last on his issue page, one of his action items is to:

“Hold the police accountable for their actions and ensure transparency in their operations by continuing to host quarterly meetings between residents and police officers at ANC meetings in Mount Pleasant”

While he doesn’t spell it out, one can reasonably assume that holding police “accountable” will involve a close scrutiny of arrest statistics along racial and ethnic lines.

Karaffa sounds like the nerdy boy at school who tries to boss everyone around at recess and then stomps off to tattle if they don’t. Unfortunately, this dictatorial tool, and thousands like him, are increasingly being elected to positions of power on platforms of “car[ing] deeply” about “equitable…development.”


He’s not the Ted Mosby we want, but he’s the Ted Mosby 2018 deserves.

With any luck, biological instincts will triumph and men like him, devoid of caveman instincts and toxic masculinity, will fail to procreate.

Looking into the future and seeing it full of Stuart Karaffas is truly a depressing thought.

The full video is below.


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