New Brady Campaign Ad Attempts to Find Common Ground on "Family Fire"

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The Brady Campaign has teamed up with the Ad Council to launch a new ad campaign, End Family Fire, “with a mission to promote responsible gun ownership in the home.” Their first ad, released today, is comprised of two versions – a two-minute one, and a 30-second ad spot.


“Rather than mudslinging and name calling, we’re focusing on how can we act to keep our kids alive,” said Kyleanne Hunter, a Brady Center vice president. “And that might open the door to more discussion about how to end gun violence.”

This foot-in-the-door strategy is composed of at least a year’s worth of “End Family Fire” TV, digital and online ads that center on a conversation between an elementary-school aged boy and his father.

Below, watch the two-minute version:

By watching this spot, any gun owner or someone who grew up in a home with guns knows this is not how gun-owning families act. The Brady Campaign wasn’t attempting to find common ground. They created a commercial that took their stereotypes of gun-owning families and put them into a commercial while attempting to cover up their stereotypes. Sweep away the middle-class home and the way the father speaks to the son (at first) and replace it with a singlewide trailer, a Confederate flag, and a Velvet Elvis and you’ll see how the Brady Campaign truly envisions gun-owning families.

Obviously there are irresponsible gun owners who don’t teach their children about guns, show them how to properly handle them, and who don’t ensure their guns are stored properly. But in a “normal” home where the parents own guns, a child is taught from a young age about guns. By the time a child was the age of the boy in this video, he would have already been out shooting with his dad (or mom) and taught safety rules. The guns would be stored securely.


In this video, as in the gun control culture, the child is portrayed as all-knowing, and the gun-owning father as a reactionary, defensive, simplistic, bumbling idiot.

The 30-second spot almost says nothing – but portrays the question about whether the family owns a gun in a menacing fashion.

The Ad Council claims their mission is to “identify a select number of significant public issues and stimulate action on those issues through communications programs that make a measurable difference in our society.” On this issue they only partnered with anti-gun groups and excluded groups like the NRA, Second Amendment Foundation, Gun Owners of America, Firearms Policy Coalition and others who advocate for Second Amendment rights AND who provide instruction on the safe use and storage of firearms to their members and to others who are interested.

If the Ad Council wanted to “make a measurable difference in our society,” and if the Brady Campaign wanted to “open the door to more discussion,” including those groups and dropping the thinly-veiled condescension might be one way to achieve their goals.


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