Liberals Spinning Tax-Cut-Inspired Raises and Bonuses as an Evil Conspiracy

Liberal pundits and Democrat office holders spent most of the year warning that death and mayhem were the inevitable, immediate outcome to expect from any GOP tax cut bill. So when multiple large corporations announced new bonuses and increases in their starting minimum wages Wednesday, the spin shop did its thing – in this case, attempting to convince Americans that what they’re witnessing isn’t really what they’re witnessing.


Two of our favorites, Joy Reid and Kurt Eichenwald, led the pack.

In Joy’s mind, all of these bonuses and wage hikes are smoke and mirrors and you cannot believe your own eyes. Sure, they may be bonuses of actual, real currency, but the big, eeevil corporations are really just trying to give employees a little hush money in hopes they’ll overlook the CEO’s tax cut.

Joy’s employer, Comcast, is giving $1,000 bonuses to “eligible frontline and non-executive employees.” If Joy is one of those eligible, she’s not saying whether she will take the lucre, or if she’d guilt any subordinates who take it. Is Joy also opposed to the infrastructure investments Comcast says they’ll make – or is she simply contending it’s fake news?


(P.S., Joy, Kira says hi. She can’t get in touch with you anymore!)

After pooh-poohing the Tax Policy Center’s prediction that the average amount of the GOP tax cut for the middle-fifth of wage earners will be $18/week, and after seeing that by midday Wednesday the streets were not littered with the bodies of the GOP Tax Scam victims, Kurt Eichenwald promised that the impact will still come, and only the enlightened will know why.

But then Wells Fargo (among other companies) announced it was raising its minimum salary range. Oh, no. Quick, Kurt, find a way to discount that!

By evening, Kurt was back beating the “Glass Steagall caused the recession” drum, forgetting that Bill Clinton signed the repeal, and completely ignoring the subprime mortgage fiasco (because mandating that people who can’t afford a mortgage be given one out or fairness always works out so well), then adding some other hullabaloo and a scary prediction!


Shades of Nostradamus right there, people.

Watching Eichenwald’s Savannah Guthrie-level economic skills at work reminds me of that great airplane mechanic, Fletch.

It’s all ball bearings, these days. Prep that with some 3-in-1 oil and some gauze, why dont’cha?


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