UPDATE: Antifa Thug Arrested, Charged With Making Terroristic Threats to Black Trump Supporter

UPDATE: Antifa Thug Arrested, Charged With Making Terroristic Threats to Black Trump Supporter

UPDATE: Richard Losey, a 20-year-old Ohio man who confessed on Twitter to assaulting R.C. Maxwell at Saturday’s “America First” rally in Laguna Beach, has been arrested and charged with “battery and terroristic threats.” He is being held on a $500 bond.

As a vocal black Trump supporter – in California, nonetheless – R.C. Maxwell is used to feeling the hate from progressives. At Sunday night’s “America First” rally in Laguna Beach, he truly felt the hate from the left, from a violent Antifa thug who attacked him twice.

Sunday’s rally was the third held in Laguna Beach by the group this summer. Its purpose is to remember those who have been killed by illegal immigrants in California and protest illegal immigration. There were no arrests at the earlier rallies, Laguna Beach Police Sgt. Jim Cota.

In an interview with RedState, Maxwell said he arrived at Sunday’s rally about 6:30 p.m., dressed in slacks, a button-up shirt, tie, MAGA hat, and a name tag identifying himself as being with American Voice PAC. The police had the protesters and counter-protesters separated, but they were allowed to go to the other side. Maxwell said the leftist contingent, comprised of mainly Antifa but with some Black Lives Matter protesters as well, greatly outnumbered the America First rally participants.

At rallies Maxwell often goes to the other side to talk about the issues with Antifa and explain his position. He’s had heated arguments with Antifa on many occasions, but it’s never led to violence.

While there was still daylight, Maxwell spent time talking with a group of clergy on the counter-protester side, even taking a selfie with them.

Once the sun went down, the mood changed. While Maxwell was sitting on a bench on the Antifa side, a man walked up, ripped his name tag off, and shoved him to the ground. After being called a Nazi sympathizer, he attempted to talk about how illegal immigration harms the black community with the angry crowd. This video is long, but from 3:39 to 4:02 it shows him talking with Antifa.

At one point, a black Antifa member called R.C. a faggot and was promptly shamed by the Antifa crowd. They do keep to their SJW playbook quite well.

Shortly after R.C.’s comments about gang violence being exacerbated by illegal immigration, the group went back to their side and a man in a Stussy shirt sucker punched him. After recovering from that, R.C. realized their cameraman was still on the other side. When they went in to get him, the same man approached him from behind, choked him, and threw him to the ground. A woman with R.C.’s group pepper sprayed the attacker, but R.C. was hit as well. A few Antifa people helped him escape the area.

NBC Los Angeles’ video shows both the sucker punch attack and the choking/shoving.

Once video hit Twitter, the man who attacked R.C. identified himself, but claimed he was just there by himself and not with any group. According to his Facebook page, he lives and works in Ohio. Why he was in Laguna Beach on a Sunday evening, and how he got there, is unclear. He was proud of his actions, though, and said R.C. deserved it because of his opinions.






We are confirming reports that the man has been arrested and charged.

Though the incident was shown in local media video, it’s been ignored by the mainstream media because it doesn’t fit their narrative.

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