VIDEO: CA Dem Official Attacks Gay Activists on Pride Weekend

As we’ve often seen, if you belong to a group the Democrat party considers one of its constituencies (women, minorities, LGBTQ) and you have the audacity to believe in conservatism, a special ration of hate is reserved for you.


Over Pride weekend, Orange County Democratic Party Vice-Chair Jeff LeTourneau lost his ever-loving mind when he heard that a person gathering signatures for a recall petition against Democrat state Sen. Josh Newman was gay. After a pro-Newman worker gave him that information, he made a special trip to the Wal-Mart parking lot to harass the group.

A volunteer captured it on video:

LeTourneau – wearing his Orange County Democratic Party name badge – strolls right up to the signature gatherers, feeling fully entitled to verbally attack and attempt to intimidate them.

Which one of you a**holes is gay?

Get your s*** and get out of here.  You’re a f***ing disgrace to every gay person I know.

How dare you come into our community and do this? For what? $20 an hour or are you getting $3.25 a signature? You’re whoring yourself out for what, $20 an hour or $3.25 a signature?

LeTourneau’s rage was mainly directed at Carl DeMaio, a former San Diego City Council member and openly gay conservative radio talk show host.

DeMaio is also the founder of Reform California, which is spearheading the Newman recall effort. Newman was targeted for recall after California legislators passed SB-1, a transportation bill which includes hefty increases in vehicle registration fees and fuel taxes. The measure passed mostly along party lines. Newman, who voted for the measure, barely won his Senate race last fall in an area that’s traditionally been conservative, he was the easiest recall target. If the GOP is able to take that seat back, Democrats will no longer hold a supermajority in the state Senate.


So, LeTourneau clearly knows who DeMaio is, but asks him where he’s from anyway. He even feels he has the authority to tell them to leave, and looks like he’s about to destroy their belongings.

We already know that Gov. Jerry Brown has been paying out-of-state”goon squads” to harass people – voters! – who sign the the petition, but this is a ratcheting-up of the attacks against dissenters.

The message to conservatives in the LGBTQ community is clear: Come out of the political closet, and we will harass you and attempt to destroy your career.


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