BREAKING: Dual Terror Attacks in Iran - ISIS Claims Responsibility

BREAKING: Dual Terror Attacks in Iran - ISIS Claims Responsibility

Two Iranian state news agencies are reporting terror attacks in the capital city of Tehran. According to AFP, ISIS has claimed responsibility.

In one attack, suicide bomber, one of four “terrorists,” attacked a shrine to Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

Iran’s state TV said a security guard was killed and four people were wounded in the shrine attack. It said one of the attackers at the shrine was killed by security guards and that a woman was arrested.

In a second attack, four gunmen opened fire in the Parliament building, and one attacker reportedly blew himself up.

Iranian state TV says one of the attackers taking part in an assault on parliament has blown himself up.

It says four attackers launched Wednesday’s assault on parliament, which has wounded at least eight people. Police have surrounded the building, where a legislative session was underway, and heavy gunfire could be heard from outside.

There are conflicting reports as to whether Parliament is in lockdown or not, and of the number of casualties there.

Lawmaker Qolam-Ali Jafarzadeh Imenabadi…told the IRNA that one guard was reportedly killed.

One of the attackers at the parliament was arrested, added the news agency, but it is not clear if the other three are still at large and there have been unconfirmed reports of a hostage situation.

The parliament’s spokesman Mahdi Kiaie, however, insisted that the situation at the parliament was now under control with units of the Revolutionary Guard securing the building.

There is no evidence linking the two attacks at this time.

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