Want a Construction Contract With the State of CA? Better Not Work on the Border Wall

Sacramento’s temper tantrum continues.

State Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) gives a passionate floor speech, railing against the Trump administration’s plan to build a border wall as divisive, while promoting a bill that would make contractors who work on that wall ineligible for state contracts.


“The wall is another attempt to separate and divide us,” Lara said in testimony to the Senate Governmental Organization Committee. “It sends a message that we are better off in a homogenous society.”

Excuse me, Senator – but isn’t blacklisting California businesses because of who their other customers are just a tiny bit divisive? And heading down one of those proverbial slippery slopes?

“This is precedent-setting,” said Todd Bloomstine, a lobbyist representing the Southern California Contractors Assn. “What next unpopular project would be [on the] blacklist?”

Lara’s bill, SB 30, has passed the Senate and is heading on to the Assembly. If there aren’t enough Democrats who understand the horrific ramifications of this bill, it will pass there too. California contractors then have to hope that Jerry Brown serves as the voice of reason and vetoes the bill. (Amazingly, Moonbeam HAS been the voice of reason on numerous occasions. California conservatives have caught themselves saying “I never thought Moonbeam would be the least crazy of the Dems… yet here we are.)

In an op-ed published in the Sacramento Bee, Lara (possibly – he had to have a co-author on the piece),  wrote:

California will be spending billions of dollars to upgrade our roads, highways and mass transit in the years ahead. We need companies to do the work that moves our state forward, not on a wall that will hurt our economy and take us backward.

Do you hear that, capitalist pigs? Work on only our state-sanctioned projects, or we’ll cut you off.


A rather stark contrast to the arguments California localities have been making in federal court about the sanctuary cities executive order, but that’s another topic.

And, turning down a border wall contract doesn’t GUARANTEE a state contract for a company. So a company could turn down a border wall contract, but still not have any state contracts, leaving their – working class – employees without a job. Aren’t you there to protect working families, Sen. Lara?

Not when doing so would mean going against your America-hating agenda. Lara continued:

Leaders here and all over the country need to continue speaking out against this outrageously expensive, divisive and impenetrable wall that would ultimately shred the fabric of our core American values – equality, justice, the preservation of our natural heritage – and the American Dream.

Since when do you care about something outrageously expensive? You voted for and defend the bullet train – which also affects fragile ecosystems – for heaven’s sake!

Equality and justice – just not for companies who want to work on a project with which you disagree. Grow up.


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