Former NFL Babe Jillian Barberie's Tweetstorm Against Gender Neutral Bathrooms

North Carolina’s “bathroom bill” deal (?) is all over the news, but former Fox NFL Sunday weather girl (and current LA radio talk show host) Jillian Barberie went on a Twitter rant AGAINST gender-neutral bathrooms Wednesday night.


Inspired by the story of a mom’s recent experience with a man in the women’s restroom at Disneyland, Barberie started with this tweet:

Jillian, a mother of two, encountered a little resistance from her audience but stuck to her guns… and it will become clear why.

The admonishments continued:


Apparently they haven’t been following Jillian for long, because …

Telling her to “be careful” about her message is like waving a red flag in front of a bull.  (And let me be clear, that is a high compliment.)

What happened to Jillian is abominable, and we should not enable it in the name of political correctness.

And again, the wimps attempting to tell her to weaken her mama bear voice:

Oh, no, a logical solution.


The safety of children should be paramount here, not the comfort of adults. If the government wants to provide gender neutral bathrooms, there are a number of options. They can have one big bathroom with completely private stalls (floor to ceiling) that everyone uses. Or they can have a men’s room, a women’s room, and a third room – similar to how there are “family restrooms” in many areas. Private companies can decide how they want to handle it and let the chips fall where they may.

Regardless of the intent of lawmakers, letting people use the restroom of the gender they identify as is going to allow perverts to take advantage and harm innocent children.


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