Chelsea Clinton Singlehandedly Ruined #NationalPancakeDay

Twitter: @50ShadesofTayy

For National Pancake Day (yeah, I guess that’s a thing – but really just an excuse to eat) the Internet’s latest wannabe celebrity lifestyle mama, Chelsea Clinton, couldn’t pass up an opportunity to virtue signal to all of the other moms just tryin’ to get by.


But OF COURSE Chelsea always has her kiddos’ vegetable quota in mind! Food can’t be FUN!

Not surprisingly, the reactions were swift – from both sides of the aisle.

A few mentioned her mother’s technical skills…

Many people couldn’t find the words to adequately discuss their disgust.

Like her parents, it seems Chelsea likes to steal the spotlight:


Somehow, I doubt Chelsea prepared these. But maybe she got the recipe from Gwyneth Paltrow.

I have to agree 100 percent with this.

Leftists – always taking the fun out of life.

But if you need a palate cleanser… here you go. Chocolate chip pancakes with bacon.



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