Gender X May Be Coming Soon to a Drivers License Near You

I just couldn’t even put California in the title this time. I love my home state, but writing about the idiotic plans our legislators come up with on a daily basis is pretty demoralizing.

In today’s edition of “How to Waste Taxpayer Money When Staring a $2 Billion Budget Deficit in the Face,” two State Senators have filed a bill that would allow for a third gender option on official state documents. Under the bill filed by San Diego Democrats Sen. Toni Atkins and Sen. Scott Weiner (yes, really), a “nonbinary” marker would be created.

The bill, SB 179, also would streamline the process for people to change their gender on such documents. It would remove the requirement that an individual obtain a sworn statement from a physician certifying medical treatment for gender transition. It also would create a process for people younger than 18 to apply for a change of gender on their birth certificate.

Creating a process for minors to apply for a change of gender on their birth certificate is extremely problematic, assuming that the process is done without parental input or consent (which it probably is, knowing the California State Senate).

And the issue isn’t one of intolerance or bigotry against transgender, nonbinary, genderfluid, amalgender, demigender, or any other expression or identification out there. The issue is, why does it matter on a state document how you express your gender? As much as progressives love to say conservatives are science deniers, on this issue they deny science. In the world of nature, there are two genders – male and female. And, as they love to remind us, we are one with nature – right?

I am not an expert on all the varieties of gender expression, but in my reading on this topic the nonbinary gender expressions have to do with how a person emotionally feels at a certain time – whether they’re feeling masculine or feminine or neither, and it can change over time, or can simply be a weak connection to a gender. So you are born a woman and sometimes you feel really feminine and other times you feel really masculine (with whatever attributes you assign to those words), and so you call yourself nonbinary? Awesome! More power to you! It doesn’t affect my life one way or another.

So why do you need it on your driver’s license or birth certificate? Are you that needy that you need to express that everywhere you go and be validated? Just stop. And stop making every whim, thought, or feeling into a political agenda that requires my wallet to open.