MTV's 2017 Advice for White Men Video is as Horrible as You'd Think [UPDATED]

UPDATE: MTV deleted their original video, then re-posted with the explanation that it contained updated graphics. Umm, sure, okay. The updated video has been added to the post.


For some reason, liberals still think their “advice” videos aimed at conservatives (a/k/a anyone too stupid to agree with them) will be effective. Their celebrity-filled shaming videos brought about a Donald Trump presidency, and cost Hillary Clinton at least four electors.

(Okay, maybe it wasn’t exactly the fault of the videos, but go with me here.)

It seems that maybe MTV finally got the memo that people get kinda pissy when Hollywood celebrities tell them what to do. So for their latest “I’m gonna tell you what to do because you’re horrible” video, the network used the same format with “normal” people, but filled with the same tone-deaf condescension. NOW they’ll listen! Right?

Do they really think what white guys (the ones who don’t look to Pajama Boy for advice) really, really want is MTV telling them what to do in 2017?


I’ve got a 2017 Resolution for Liberal Celebrities and MTV. Learn what “libsplaining” is, and stop doing it.

Never mind. Keep doing it.

When we first published this story, many commenters thought it had to be satire and that young people don’t really think this way. Perhaps in many areas of the country they don’t, but in New York and Los Angeles they do – and it’s not just “young people” who think this way. Y’all are giving MTV way too much credit if you think they did this as satire. I’m fairly certain those involved with creating this video are baffled by the blowback it’s received.

Here is the updated video:


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