Legendary NYC Christmas Party Canceled Due to Trump Victory

Credit: Instagram/JameslaforceNYC

Add this to the list of things Donald Trump has destroyed (waah!!) – at least for now.

New York City public relations veteran James La Force and his husband are so torn up over Hillary’s loss that they can’t bring themselves to celebrate the season and have canceled their annual holiday party.


La Force, whose firm represents brands such as LinkedIn, Target, 3M, and Williams-Sonoma, wasn’t content to call or email guests to let them know the party wasn’t happening. He Instagrammed a photo of the invitation he’d had printed prior to November 8th, assuming a Hillary Clinton victory, with an explanation in the caption:

The caption reads:

“We are sad to have to cancel our annual silly party. We had planned it months ago as a @hillaryclinton victory party. I had personally cast the all-male, body-painted American flag tableau. Instead, we are donating to @PlannedParenthood, @HousingWorks and the #StonewallCommunityFoundation.”


The couple sent the original invitations, with a note:

Credit: WWD

The verbiage is essentially the same, but adds that they’re sending the “original invitation as a reminder of what might have been.”

In case you think the “all-male, body-painted American flag tableau” entertainment was an exaggeration, take a gander at of photos from La Force’s 2014 party, which was held at an S&M bar:


I’m not sure we should hope they’re back to their old celebratory ways in 2017.


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