Colin Kaepernick's Day in Miami Ended on a Picture Perfect Note

Ever since Colin Kaepernick wore a T-shirt featuring Fidel Castro to a press conference after the first game in which he took a knee during the national anthem, Cuban exiles have not been his biggest fans (understatement).


During Thanksgiving week, Kaepernick was grilled by Miami Herald sports writer Armando Salguero about his views on Castro and if he felt it was in any way ironic that he declared he was protesting the national anthem because of his view that America systematically oppresses minorities… while wearing a t-shirt featuring one of the modern era’s most oppressive dictators.

Spoiler: It was ignorant and intellectually incoherent.

Salguero rightfully took him to task in a column printed Friday, just hours before the announcement of Castro’s death (his real death this time, not a Twitter rumor).

Sunday’s crowd at Hard Rock Stadium, not surprisingly, greeted Kaepernick with loud boos.

On the last play of the game, when the 49ers were *thisclose* to tying the game, Kaepernick tried to run the ball into the end zone and instead was brought down by a Miami lineman and then finished off by Kiko Alonso. Kiko Alonso, a second-generation Cuban American.

The beautiful still shot:

As usual, writer/comedian Stephen Kruiser nails the caption.

And because you know you want to see it in action:

There couldn’t have been a more fitting end to the game.


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