EXCLUSIVE: Kirk Cameron Talks 'See You at the Library' and How the American Library Association's Attempted Suppression Has Ignited a National Blaze

Kirk Cameron and Jennifer Oliver O'Connell Talk Brave Books' See You at the Library Event. (Credit: Jennifer Oliver O'Connell)

As RedState reported in June, the American Library Association (ALA) has chosen to target Brave Books’ See You at the Library Event on Saturday, August 5, and has deemed actor, author, and Christian activist Kirk Cameron a menace to decency and inclusion. ALA is a federally-funded organization through the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), so this targeting and attempted suppression has not set well with the American people. As has been stated, what is the point of an organization being publicly funded by taxpayer dollars if all of the public does not have access?


So what are my tax dollars paying for? When did a publicly-funded organization get to change the definition of “public?” The word PUBLIC indicates openness without exclusion. Public parks, public spaces, the public square, etcetera, etcetera. Otherwise, they would be deemed PRIVATE and outline who is allowed the use of these spaces, and who is not.

The ALA’s moves are also not sitting well with several Republican Senators.

A group of Republican senators wants to know whether taxpayer funds have been used by the American Library Association to block readings of books by Christian author Kirk Cameron while the group advocates “drag queen story hours.”

The lawmakers, led by Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, demanded the information in a letter Friday to Crosby Kemper III, director of the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services and a Trump nominee. They pressed Mr. Kemper to determine what the library association has done with federal funds approved for the group.

The senators also want current federal funding for the group halted while the association‘s conduct is investigated.

“The ALA should not be eligible to receive federal funding should an investigation find that the ALA violated the First Amendment rights of Americans,” the letter states.

Former librarian and activist Kelly Jensen (now “Buttered Jorts”) has also been sounding the alarm on the dangers of allowing Brave Books and Cameron into America’s libraries, tweeting a thread screed about how these events will endanger library staff and unleash the wrath of the evil right-wing media and right-wing crazies upon them.


These are the people who’ve been making your life hell now for 2+ years. They’ll be coming in to do it, to take photos and point to books they don’t like as “proof’ of an agenda, then plaster images of people with the words you know they like to misapply to you.

And we thought all Brave Books and Cameron were doing was reading books and singing songs. Instead, it’s a smokescreen in order to spew hate at the LGBTQ extra PLUS communities and to target more books to ban. Who knew?

Brave Books and Cameron have been taking all this with a grain of salt and a huge dose of humor. Cameron posted a sarcastic video on Twitter X:


Woke warriors, enlightened librarians, and concerned comrades everywhere stay on the lookout for this ‘Kirk Cameron’ character touring the country, reading fascist fiction books, and brainwashing thousands of families with wholesome, Judeo-Christian values. Absolutely disgusting! His type will make your children like each other and get along. Impressionable youngsters might grow up, get married, have children, and start loving God and others. Worse, they might acquire wisdom and start governing themselves… the HORROR!! Whatever you do, do NOT go to these wholesome library events, do NOT go to bravebooks.com, and do NOT sign up for their Freedom Island Book Club!

Well played, and also hilarious. Thankfully, ALA and the rest of their alarmist allies are being ignored. The August 5, See You at the Library Event has so far signed on 268 libraries in 45 states, and there are still five states and other counties left to be represented. Brave Books CEO and founder Trent Talbot sees this as a new awakening for conservative families.


See You At The Library allows Christian conservative families to actively create the culture in their community and shows them they do not have to sit back and concede public spaces that shape our children like libraries and schools to the godless left.

We’re seeing hosts of all sorts get in the fight with BRAVE Books. Parents, grandparents, educators, librarians, and politicians are taking the torch and lighting fires in their community. Supporters of this mission are jumping at the chance to get in the game and put points on the scoreboard.

Cameron expressed his excitement over the embrace of this movement, affirming Talbot’s words on the people lighting the flame and taking up the torch.


Jensen/Buttered Jorts, the LGBTQ lobby, and other Left-adjacent activists have been contacting certain libraries to state their intention to counter-protest or to hold Drag Queen events in tandem with the August 5 Brave Books Story Hour. Cameron says, bring it on!

Yeah, we’re going to say, “Welcome!” Welcome one and all. Everybody’s welcome. Isn’t that great that we can all have a chance to speak into the microphone and share our values and our message and let the best ideas win? That’s what freedom of speech and freedom of assembly is all about. This is not about creating a monoculture.


Cameron does a spectacular job of flipping the Left’s supposed diversity, equity, and inclusion mantras on their head.


While many of the hosts of the Brave story events have expressed concern over these threats, most are more concerned that they will exceed the library’s capacity limits. The May event in Seattle, in the very blue state of Washington, saw hundreds in attendance. Parents are hungry for values-based and wholesome options for their children, and See You At The Library meets that need.

Some of these hosts are already emailing us, not only talking about the threats of protesters, interruptions that they’re receiving and pushback from some of their librarians or communities—they’re soldiering on and they’re making it happen. But they’re actually concerned mostly about exceeding capacity limits because so many people want to come and they’re wondering how to handle that.

Which is why the invitation is wide open to join the movement. Cameron said the libraries in the United States are in the 10,000 range, and there are still five states not represented. So, the opportunity is ripe for people to adopt a library to host their own event this Saturday. Cameron encouraged anyone who is interested and available to participate and stand up to make a difference in their community.



Who knows? Your event could be the spark that sets your community aflame with a love for freedom, liberty, and a recommitment to virtue. Visit Bravebooks.com to find an event near you or to sign up to host your own.


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