Publisher of 'Gender Queer' Dodges Questions About Child Grooming

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The book known as “Gender Queer” has been at the center of many fights between concerned parents and school boards. It’s the book many parent-backed Republicans seek to ban out of school libraries and for good reason.


This book contains graphic depictions of sexual acts, an encouragement of gender fluidity and transgenderism, and bizarre reality-defying definitions of men and women. I won’t post them here, but you can easily Google the book and these concerning images and passages will display themselves.

Despite the fact that this book has no business being in a child’s school library, radical activists calling themselves educators have defended the book and Democrats will often paint Republicans trying to ban the book from schools as evil villains attempting to stop real education, oftentimes without explaining what the book is about or what it features.

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It’s why many parents across America have accused these book’s defenders of being “groomers,” or people attempting to normalize sex and sexuality to children for other nefarious purposes.

The book’s publisher, Oni Press and its President Hunter Gorinson, recently held a panel at San Diego Comic Con where they were confronted by a reporter from Bounding Into Comics on sexuality’s place in a child’s education and where they stand in terms of mutilating children in the name of gender fluidity.


Upon hearing that the reporter was from Bounding Into Comics, Gorinson suddenly had no interest in answering questions and refused to comment.

As Bounding reported, the panel at Comic Con featured Gorinson bragging about the company’s woke content. If he is so proud of it, why is he not just answering questions about it and where he stands on the subjects that the book promotes? Why is he dodging questions around something that is, according to him, such a good thing that it was worth engaging in legal battles to make sure his book was featured in schools and read by children?

He is, however, willing to brag about “Gender Queer” being one of the most banned books in America.

To be clear, parents do not want these books around their children and Oni Press is taking legal action to force it into the places their children are. Oni Press is defying the parents based on an ideological position that has to be forced by courts to be accepted, all so they can put depictions of men giving each other oral sex in front of kid’s eyes.


This is normalization at its most naked. While you might not accept it, your children will get used to it, and once your children get used to it they can push any number of suggestions on them. What these suggestions might be range from adoption of their disgusting worldview to something far more sinister.

The fact that they don’t want to openly talk about it to anyone who would ask them difficult questions tells you that they know what they’re doing is unpopular and immoral, but if they just keep pushing it on your children, their ideas can thrive while yours eventually die off.


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