Nathan Fletcher Needs Some Cheese With His Boxed Whine as He Writes to Constituents Ahead of His Resignation

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Monday is May 15, the day San Diego District 4 Board of Supervisor Nathan Fletcher stated that he would resign. Since Fletcher’s March 29 announcement on Twitter that he would be going into rehab due to alcohol abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder, he has been radio silent — despite calls from constituents that he immediately resign. It has been alleged that Fletcher was laser-focused on his rehabilitation treatment and recovery out of state.


San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher is set to officially resign at 5 p.m. Monday, more than a month after he was sued for sexual assault and sexual harassment.

Fletcher, who has been at an out-of-state treatment facility, was not available for comment. In a March 29 tweet announcing his decision to resign, he said, “A combination of my personal mistakes plus false accusations has created a burden that my family shouldn’t have to bear.”

The silence has finally been broken in a letter that Fletcher issued early Monday morning, addressed: “Dear Constituents, Supporters, and Friends.” In the letter, Fletcher announced that he had officially resigned, and apologized to those he “let down,” while defending himself against the sexual harassment lawsuit by former MTS staffer Grecia Figueroa. Fletcher also defended his record on the San Diego Board of Supervisors, claiming he was proud of the county and his staff, and that, “The mission and purpose of serving those most in need is so much greater and more enduring than any one flawed individual.”

Nathan Fletcher resignation letter. (Credit: Voice of San Diego)

The letter begins:

Today, I resigned my position as a Supervisor for the 4th District of San Diego County. I own, unequivocally, the responsibility for making the mistake of engaging in consensual interactions with someone outside of my marriage.

San Diegans and many Californians who were watching this unfold expressed concern that Fletcher would return from rehab and claim that he was whole enough to continue in the District 4 Board of Supervisors seat, and thus rescind his commitment to resign. So, good on him for sparing the people of San Diego by at least honoring his word. This happens far too seldom in politics. However, leading with the “mistake of engaging in consensual interactions” (notice the Clintonian parsing of words) is weak sauce. This “mistake” has happened before, making it less a mistake, and more of a pattern. Fletcher’s first marriage to Mindy Tucker Fletcher ended under a similar shadow of adultery. So, any viewpoint through this filter is automatically suspect.


And while I strenuously deny the allegations you have no doubt heard levied against me, I apologize for letting down so many people important to me – my family, staff, constituents, supporters, and friends. I failed to live to the standards I expect of myself, and those which are rightly demanded of our elected officials. I believe our representatives should be role models and held to the highest standards in both their public and personal lives in a way that honors the public’s trust and confidence. While no one is without flaws and mistakes, I fully accept that I did not live up to this standard, and my resignation is appropriate. You put your faith in me as your elected representative, and I let you down. For that, I am truly sorry.

Boy, does Fletcher’s record fail to show these supposed standards he sought to live up to. And he has certainly been quick to judge other leaders—particularly Republican ones—by standards that he could not even uphold himself.

Then Fletcher goes on to once again, deny the accusations against him and claim it was simply a consensual relationship outside of his marriage.

Regarding the accusations against me: I am confident that when all communications are made public, including written messages and voice recordings, and the interactions and exchanges are fully revealed in a court of law under the penalty of perjury, the truth will present a very different reality. As a married man, my actions were unquestionably inappropriate, but they were consensual and often initiated by the plaintiff.

Figueroa would beg to differ, as her suit alleges. As our Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar reported, the receipts appear to be in her favor.

According to the lawsuit, Fletcher “stalked” Figueroa, a former television journalist who’s now part of the MTS marketing/public affairs staff, online through her Instagram account for months, and eventually wanted her to meet with him. She says she felt pressure to communicate with him because of his position as chair of the MTS board, which is part of his role as a county supervisor, and because Fletcher and his wife are arguably the most influential politicians in the area. Her complaint contains numerous screenshots of their interactions, and while they’re incomplete they portray Fletcher pursuing Figueroa and ramping up his requests over time.


Fletcher expressed support for an independent investigation that MTS is mounting to address the lawsuit allegations.

I fully support the independent investigation underway by MTS and know it will show that I had absolutely nothing to do with this individual’s employment or termination.

This “independent investigation” is news to most San Diegans, and in particular to Zack Gianino, whose group “Fed Up With Fletcher” was instrumental in exposing Fletcher’s record of malfeasance and failure. Gianino supplied this statement to RedState:

Now Former Supervisor, Nathan Fletcher seems awfully confident about an investigation we haven’t heard much about. An investigation that already reeks of Conflicts of Interest. I do also hope for a transparent investigation. I’d also encourage the public to continue asking for transparency and dig deeper into the potential conflicts of interest with “Oppenheimer Investigation Group LLP”, the group that was hired by MTS to investigate.

The plot thickens, and RedState plans to dig deeper into what appears to be an attempt by MTS to rig the system and distance themselves as quickly as possible from Fletcher and this sexual harassment lawsuit.

The problem is that once Fletcher is gone, the public is going to forget about the lawsuit and MTS. All eyes need to focus on Sharon Cooney, the CEO of MTS now. She pulls down $330K a year and I’m sure she had to know what was going on with Figueroa..

Fletcher also claimed he had nothing to do with Figueroa’s employment or termination, and appears to blame “public opinion” for the deck being weighted against him, rather than his, and his egregious wife’s, own actions.

However, due process and legal proceedings do not move at the speed of public opinion, and this issue will take several years to fully resolve. It is most important that the vital work of the County government continue without distraction.


If Fletcher cared about the vital work of the county continuing, he would have resigned immediately. Instead, he forced the County Board of Supervisors to hold a special meeting in order to address what actions should be taken with the District 4 seat. Fletcher’s corruption filtered into his votes and recommendations, so much so that his recommendation on the important County Chief Administrative Office position that was supposed to have been filled after the present CAO’s resignation in March, was rescinded. The former CAO was brought back temporarily until a special election for the District 4 seat could be completed, and a new search for eligible candidates started.

Fletcher then addresses how difficult recovery has been (cue the tiny violins) and that he is grateful to the friends who have stood by him, as well as his wife.

The last forty five days of treatment have been some of the hardest of my life. I had to confront my own failings and flaws along with working for the first time to address issues of childhood trauma, post traumatic stress and alcohol abuse. Recovery and sobriety are a lifetime process and I am committed to doing the ongoing work needed to ensure I become the father, husband and friend that those I love deserve.

I am humbled that my wife and family continue to stand by me during these difficult times. And I am blessed with a tremendous group of friends. Thank you to everyone who has reached out during this difficult time. I sincerely believe making mistakes, admitting your flaws, and going through hardship does not cause you to lose friends, but rather shows you who they are. My family and friends deserve my full attention as I work to earn back their trust and confidence.

Fletcher concludes by taking a victory lap on the supposed successes he achieved as the District 4 Supervisor.

I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to serve the 4th District and all County residents over the last four years, and will carry immense pride for the progress made and challenges confronted in that time. The ownership of these successes – particularly in the areas of behavioral health, child welfare, and juvenile justice – rightfully and completely belong to those members of our community who have demanded such changes, as well as the County workers who I know will faithfully implement them. I will always regret the circumstances of my departure, but more than anything, I will forever remain a fan of the work of our County government. The mission and purpose of serving those most in need is so much greater and more enduring than any one flawed individual.


This record includes the draconian measures Fletcher imposed during the pandemic: business closures, arrests of those who refused to comply, and the perpetual demonization of those who refused to be vaccinated or resisted having their children forced to be masked and vaccinated in order to attend school. These have been conveniently omitted from this letter.

Business owner Louis Uridel is only one example of Fletcher’s malfeasance during the pandemic, and how he became activated to push back. Uridel questioned Fletcher’s mental health issues and how much they affected his “leadership” during the pandemic.

Community activist and entrepreneur Shane Harris called into question Fletcher’s claim that he did work for the County of San Diego on behalf of “juvenile justice.”

So today Nathan Fletcher arose in his final hours as county supervisor to lie? And then to double down and lie about improving the foster care system. Super insulting and shows he has no moral compass at all. What improvements to foster care/child welfare while county supervisor ? “He also said he proud of his and county staffers’ accomplishments on the Board of Supervisors, singling out efforts to improve behavioral health, child welfare and the juvenile justice system”.

1. He didn’t make any improvements to the foster care system. He consistently failed to address the disproportionate numbers of black children and families entering CPS custody at higher rates than others although they are smaller in the general population.

2. He tried to close San Pasqual Academy the nation’s first residential educational facility for foster youth without warning or discussion with the foster youth of the academy.

3. He failed to expand transitional housing programs and resources for foster youth exiting care among many other failures in policy on the issue of foster care.


Other San Diegans are now raising their voices to demand a review of all the votes Fletcher issued in his role as the District 4 San Diego BOS.

San Diego District 5 Board of Supervisor Jim Desmond responded to Fletcher’s letter thusly:

And Fletcher did it all on the taxpayer dime. San Diegans would like to see a full investigation into Fletcher’s finances and are calling for a refund of the taxpayer dollars used to cover his security, the cost of rehabilitation not covered by his state health insurance, and those campaign funds raised for his now-defunct state senate run.

As Joe San Diego mentioned above, people have short memories; so, it is up to the citizens to continue to hold Nathan Fletcher accountable and ensure he never holds public office again.


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