In Order to Reopen San Diego Businesses Must Register Name And Number Of Every Single Customer

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Last week Governor Newsom moved the reopening goalposts yet again, scrapping altogether the previous “phase” system for reopenings (which counties were on track to meet weeks ago) and replacing it with a convoluted color coded “tier” system. One of the metrics for counties reopening (this time) is their “success” in addressing “health equity measures” for “impacted communities.”


Even with the new, vague tiers some counties are in the beginning…phases? of the….tiers? as long as they are in the right…color block?

Anyway, while Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti has recently assured Angelinos that he will ignore medical science and Sacramento and keep the city closed for business, to the south, San Diego County is beginning the first….phase? of the…tier? for their…color block?

However, in California our unofficial motto is “Why make it bad when you can make it worse?” and in keeping with that theme San Diego County supervisor Nathan Fletcher announced today that businesses across the county could finally reopen for indoor service. The catch? They must keep a registry of every guest, their names and phones numbers.

Here is Supervisor Fletcher explaining the new facism rules.


I’m not sure how much Mr.Fletcher has to do with the rules but it’s worth noting that he is married to the union representative in the Assembly, Lorena Gonzalez, who wrote the disastrous and now infamous and wildly unpopular AB5 bill. This is the bill that ended the gig economy for over 300 job categories in a misguided attempt to force Uber and Lyft to make contractors into employees.

You can draw your own conclusions.

See the full press conference here.



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