Feel-Good Friday: Daughter Secretly Donates Her Kidney to Her Dad

Delayne and John Ivanowski after the kidney donation. Credit: Screenshot
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In another segment of, “The Kids Are Alright,” this week’s Feel-Good Friday is about 25-year-old Delayne Ivanowski, who decided to give her father one of her kidneys, saving his life. Two years ago, John Ivanowski was told by his doctors that he suffered from an Immunoglobulin A deficiency which kicked his immune system into overdrive and attacked his kidneys. This required dialysis twice a week, for upwards of five hours a day.


“It’s not the right quality of life I don’t think anyone should have to live in.” Ivanowski said. “So, then my first thought was, why can’t he just have my kidney right now.”

Delayne’s reasons were totally selfish. Not only did she not want to see her father suffer, but she wanted her father to be able to walk her down the aisle. Nothing wrong with that.

John Ivanowski was set against it.

“I’m like, ‘You’re too young, you’ve got a long time to be here and my time’s limited’,” said John.

Parents always want to sacrifice for their children, but don’t want their children sacrificing for them. It is clear: John Ivanowski raised a fine daughter with a beautiful heart of compassion and sacrifice. What a blessing that he is the recipient of that largesse.

Delayne reached out to the transplant coordinator and maintained the secret for eight months while she went through tests and procedures to ensure she was a match, and that her father was stable enough for surgery. Delayne found out the day of February 16 that they matched, and the surgery was performed.

It was only after John Ivanowski was in post op and Delayne opened up the door and came through, that he realized what she had done.


Delayne posted it on her Facebook page.


The emotions on John Ivanowski’s face tell you everything he cannot describe.

“I can’t stop crying,” said John Ivanowski. “I mean I was upset but I’m so grateful.”

News 4 sat across from him and his daughter, Delayne, in their Kirkwood home just one day after coming home from the hospital.

“He goes, ‘I knew you were up to something.’ And I said, ‘Well I’m always up to something’,” said Delayne Ivanowski.

KMOV St. Louis Collage of John and Delayne Ivanowski Kidney Donation. (Credit: KMOVTV)


Delayne also posted the video on her TikTok page and requested people donate a dollar to her GoFundMe campaign to help with their medical costs. The video has received over four million views, and she has exceeded her campaign goal of $5,000.

If children are going to be defiant, this is the type of defiance you want to see.

“They’ve already gone through so much. Dialysis isn’t’ cheap,” said Delayne. “I thought, why not reach out to social media, and I got a way bigger response than I ever was expecting to. I was so out of it too. My phone was sitting I remember on my bedside table and my boyfriend’s like, ‘What is going on. Turn your phone off’.

“If you are going to give a kidney, it is one of the greatest gifts you can ever give in the world. It’s literally like donating life,” said Delayne.


Daughter of the year award right here. Delayne Ivanowski is a testament to good upbringing, and the future of the next generation.


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