Greg Gutfeld Dissects Comedy and Culture at AmFest 2022

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AmFest Day 2 is underway! In the afternoon general session, Charlie Kirk interviewed Greg Gutfeld, co-host of Fox News’ The Five, and the top-rated comedy show Gutfeld!

Greg Gutfield at AmFest. (Credit: Jennifer Oliver O’Connell/RedState)


Gutfeld first addressed the critics of Fox News and its lineup, and those who say his ratings are not legitimate because geriatrics are the only people who watch the station. They refuse to admit that Gutfeld is on the pulse of the culture, and it is reflected in taking the number one slot from the usual slate of late-night comedy shows.

“Fox has more younger people than CNN and MSNBC combined, and Comedy Central.”

Kirk asked Gutfeld what drew people to his comedy program and The Five. Gutfeld said the secret to the chemistry of both programs’ lineup is the ribbing, the teasing, and that they can all make fun of themselves and each other.

“If you can’t make fun of somebody, and laugh at somebody, you have no chemistry. Dana [Perino], and Jesse [Watters], and myself [The Five] Kat Timpf and Tyrus [Gutfeld!], are really well-oiled machines,” he said.

“This is what is killing the Left: if you take yourself seriously, no one wants to be around you. The right is used to being made fun of. You can’t make fun of them.”

Gutfeld and Kirk then dived into the insanity of Wokeism. Gutfeld presented his parade of crazy: the retired Army Colonel who celebrated his retirement by posting pictures of himself dressed in full uniform with his dog fetish mask. Or the now-fired non-binary White House executive staffer Sam Brinton, who picked up some of his cross-dressing wardrobe by stealing women’s luggage at airports.


But Gutfeld directed his full fire toward the agenda on transgender children and putting them through surgeries because of the mere presence of effeminate traits or being a tomboy.

“That’s frickin’ Nazism. It’s insane. There are doctors, there are pediatric associations that are doing this.”

“Where are the adults? Where are the people in your community? What happened that made us scared? We are living in a time of delusion.”

Gutfeld said that other than the battle over private property and the battle to protect children from the transgender agenda are both hills people should be willing to die on.

“There are certain fabrics of society that hold us together: one is protection of property, the other is biology. Where are the adults? We are handing rights over to victimizers and we are telling victims they have to endure it.”

Gutfeld made the apt analogy that Wokeism is designed as a shield, and gave some prominent examples of this. The American Girl doll company, which charges exorbitant prices for their custom dolls and accessories, has now dived head-deep into transgender surgery promotion.

“Follow the guilt. The Woke stuff is a shield to them being called greedy capitalists. This is to protect themselves from being the bad guy,” he said.

Gutfeld also held up former producer and entertainment executive Harvey Weinstein as the poster child of this. The disgraced entertainment mogul gave millions to Democrat and Leftist causes, all to cover up his decades-long rape of women.


“He is the encapsulation of everything,” Gutfeld said. “This is the symbol.”

Gutfeld and Kirk also spoke about the changes Elon Musk has brought to Twitter and talked about the Left’s alternative to Twitter: Mastadon.

“There’s nothing more pleasurable than watching the Left eat their own. Mastadon is the Big Meal.”

Kirk asked Gutfeld if he had any final word for the young people in the audience, who will be the ones who will take up the battle and continue conservative activism.

“When you’re outnumbered by others about something, ask them: Why is it important for you to have me agree with you? Why would I put myself through this, when I could just be you?”

Gutfeld made the point that they must continue to engage, and they were fortunate to have this organization. When he was their age,

“It was just me, alone, at Berkeley.”


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