IN MY ORBIT: We Are Seeing the Death of Political Dynasties in Real Time, and It's a Glorious Thing

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It couldn’t come at a more critical moment for the Republic. The Founders crafted the Constitution and the Federalist Papers in such a way to discourage a monarchy or ruling class. They saw any one class lording it over everyone else as the downfall of our federalist system of individual liberties.

So how did we get here with a 50-year history (in my lifetime) of Kennedys, Bushes, Cheneys, Clintons? It’s a long story, but I know how we’re getting out of it. By pushing through candidates who believe in America First, and who plan to serve the people, not assume sovereignty over them. This is why this ruling class despised Donald J. Trump and decry his recent MAGA-centric focus on building up and promoting candidates that will continue what he began. These candidates, some now sitting elected representatives, have done more to ruin the gravy train of fiefdom and entitlement than anything I’ve seen in my five decades.

Exhibit A: The egregious, Trump-hating, J-6 Queen Liz Cheney (R-WY) lost her Congressional re-election bid to Harriet Hageman, a Trump-endorsed, America First Republican.

As my colleague Nick Arama wrote:

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) got handed her walking papers last night.

Not only did she lose, but she also lost by a historic amount. She lost by 38 points. When you would think that the race would narrow the numbers, she lost by even more than the polls were predicting. People were talking about the crossover vote from Democrats and we had mentioned that the speculation involved 9,000 people. But what the media wasn’t mentioning was tremendous resolve from Republicans in Wyoming. Normally in the primary race in the past, Cheney would win with numbers in the 70,000 range. With 99 percent in, Harriet Hageman has 113,025 to Cheney’s 49,316 — 66.33 percent to 28.94 percent. So 40,000 more than normal additional people came out and voted for Hageman. That’s a lot who came out to make sure that Cheney would be gone. They wanted to ensure that with the Democratic effort to pull funny business, it would be the local Republicans who would have the say in this election. If you removed 9,000 from her count, her loss would be even greater. As our friends over at Twitchy note, that would make the loss more like 41 or 42 points.

With the bludgeoning of Cheney’s congressional career—much of it by her own hand—we are finally seeing the complete demise of American political dynasties. Not even Dick Cheney, once a darling of the Republican establishment set, could save his daughter from her spectacular downfall.

Yeah, Liz Cheney made a stupid speech with stupid pronouncements comparing herself to Lincoln and teasing a presidential run, but what this confirms more than anything is that in terms of making any deep entrenchment in electoral politics, the Cheney name is as useless as rocky soil.

Praise be.

The Bush dynasty has also ended with a whimper. George Prescott Bush, son of Jeb! tried to keep the family machine alive by going up against incumbent Attorney General Ken Paxton.

The Texas Tribune wrote the obituary:

P. Bush’s attempt to give a last gasp to the legacy went down in flames, and Texas, as well as the rest of America, is forever grateful.

Ahh, Paxton upheld America First values and was also endorsed by Trump. I’m seeing a pattern here, and it’s a pattern that bears repeating.

We have been watching in real-time as political dynasties who assumed they’d be around for decades and hold the highest seats of power, are toppling like bowling pins. Sometimes the fall is barely acknowledged, other times, it’s a spectacle for all to see. The Chicago Daley family machine (Richard M., Bill, et al) would characterize the former. The Cuomo Brothers (Andrew and Chris) would characterize the latter.

The late Senator Ted Kennedy was the last, best hope of that lineage. As someone who despised the family, I never thought I’d see the end of that name.

Yet, here we are.

Add to their embarrassment, the errant nephew and son of late U.S. Attorney General Robert Kennedy, Kennedy, Jr. is working to expose and destroy the institutions that his family avidly funds and supports. Who could have seen that he would turn out to be the best of that bunch?

It wasn’t on my Bingo card.

The Obamas know they will never become a dynasty, so they are working to build their power as shadow elites. Even knowing this, many people still tout a Michelle Obama run for president.

Not going to happen, my friends. Here’s why:

Michelle is nowhere near as likable as her husband was during his presidential heyday, and we already know she is way less tenable. Unlike Biden and Lady McBiden, she doesn’t make a good sock puppet.

Michelle is also making too much money off terrible Netflix content. Grifters gonna grift, and she’s not giving up the prestige of first evah Black First Lady or its requisite bragging rights (in the form of dollars) any time soon. Gotta keep up that Vineyard life while screaming at us that it’s our fault that inequality and racism still exist.

Then there are Cankles and the Womanizer. Hillary Clinton is still deluded and chomping at the bit to make another presidential run. Not doubting she will, particularly since one of her biggest grifts, The Clinton Global Initiative is gearing up to take more foreign money:

Clinton continues to maintain loyal supporters idiots who want to push a 2024 Clinton-Cheney ticket.

With the options of Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, they couldn’t do any worse. But win or lose (no doubt she will lose), the Clinton family will never again see their glory days of the White House. What about Chelsea? See above re: Obama, Michelle.

There are those who are still scrambling, even as their dynasties are crumbling underneath their feet. The Pelosi/Newsom/Getty bunch still hold seats of power, and they are working hard to manipulate California Governor Gavin Newsom into the presidency. Newsom is jumping the shark by attacking popular red states like Florida and Texas and their policies while ignoring the sinking cesspool of his own state of California. Then we have Aunt Nancy Pelosi, whose husband enriches himself through insider trading and skates DUI and destruction of property charges. However, this time it has created a major crack in the foundation. The latest fissure in the Pelosi stronghold: The Daily Mail U.K. broke that the Pelosi scion, Paul Pelosi, Jr., also has some fraud troubles of his own.

Smoking gun documents tie Nancy Pelosi’s son to fraud and bribery scheme to remove permit violations against squalid San Francisco flop house owned by his ex-girlfriend and probed by the FBI.

Of course, the FBI is involved. Couldn’t happen to a nicer family.

Despite what Dementia Joe and his administration are doing to destroy the Republic, here is a bright spot on the horizon. We are watching the demise of political dynasties that support his destruction, and that may well be our salvation.

This popcorn is quite delicious.



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