Thousands Come out for Anti-Mandate Rally in DC

Anti-Mandate rally in D.C., screenshot. Credit: Scootercaster/Twitter video

Thousands were out in Washington, D.C., Sunday for the ‘Defeat the Mandates’ rally. As we previously reported, this event is being coordinated with others around the world on Jan. 22 (Satuday) and Jan. 23 (Sunday).


They came from all sides of the political aisle, speaking up against the mandates.

From Washington Post:

“The goal is to show a unified front of bringing people together — vaccinated, unvaccinated, Democrats, Republicans, all together in solidarity,” said organizer Matt Tune, an unvaccinated 48-year-old from Chicago. He said he wants the event “to help change the current narrative…” [….]

Suzanne Robertson, 52, traveled from New Jersey for the anti-mandate march, carrying a sign that said she was a lifelong liberal Democrat until the last year. Robertson, who works in sales, said she contracted the coronavirus in March 2020 but only had mild symptoms. She said she campaigned for Bernie Sanders and voted for President Biden and had never before voted for a Republican until recently —when she stopped identifying with a political party all together, disappointed in Biden’s chastisement of those who choose not to get the shot.

Matthew Tune is a Director of Sales and Marketing at NBCUniversal. Children’s Health Defense is sponsoring the event. The event has also been plugged by Dr. Robert Malone on Joe Rogan’s podcast and Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox. Malone is one of the speakers, as is Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


That said, there were a lot of “F**k Joe Biden” flags and attitude in attendance, along with “Let’s go, Brandon.”

Warning for graphic language.

There were even a few counter-protester culties chanting their love for Dr. Anthony Fauci.


The National Park Services approved a permit for 20,000 people, and the people marched from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial, where they listened to speeches. About 6,000 are anticipated to be federal workers who are against mandates. The SCOTUS struck down the mandate imposed on private businesses with 100 or more employees and on Friday, a Texas federal court struck down the mandate on federal workers.

D.C. is requiring vaccines to get into local restaurants, so that may be an issue for the thousands who have shown up from across the country.

The federal law enforcement and D.C. police are watching the rally. But fears of “feds” didn’t stop the thousands from showing up. Kennedy Jr. said that they were committed to non-violent action. He said if there was any “provocation,” it would come from the government.



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