UPDATE: Democracy Does Die in Darkness, as Tennessee's Robby Starbuck Is Again Removed From Ballot

Robby Starbuck with Former DNI Richard Grenell. Credit: Starbuck for Congress website, used with permission.

The swamp is real, folks, and it’s just not in D.C. The system of protecting the status quo and power of certain elites is resident in every state and local house and needs to be rooted out.


What is being represented in the macro through this sham J6 Committee hearing, is being played out in the micro in the state of agriculture and commerce.

RedState reported on the battles between Tennessee Congressional Candidate Robby Starbuck and the Tennessee Republican Executive Committee here, here, and here. When we last reported on Starbuck, he had won a victory over the TN GOP when a Chancery Court ruled that the TN GOP had violated the Tennessee Open Meetings Act by meeting in secret to remove Starbuck from the August 4 primary ballot. The Chancery Court judge issued Starbuck’s request for an injunction against being removed, and vacated the Tenn. GOP’s decision, restoring Starbuck to the ballot.

The TN GOP quickly went to the Supreme Court of the state, and the Supreme Court just as quickly overturned the Chancery Court’s decision. Of note: the ruling came down on Friday, which happened to be the deadline for Tennessee to finalize its primary ballots.


There are powerful forces at work to see grassroots candidates and other candidates who do not fit the Tenn. GOP paradigm off the ballot. The TN GOP decision, and this court back and forth have revealed this clearly.

From Nashville’s Channel 5:

After a back and forth in court, Robby Starbuck is off the ballot again for the 5th Congressional District.

The Tennessee Supreme Court ruled Friday that the Tennessee GOP didn’t violate the state’s open meetings act in making the decision to remove Starbuck from the ballot back in April. A chancery court reversed that decision earlier this week before the Tennessee Supreme Court heard the case, which stemmed from Starbuck suing to restore his name as a candidate.

The Tennessee Supreme Court ruled that the GOP wasn’t held to the same standard for other government meetings, and that the chancery erred in opining so.

“For the reasons stated above, we hold that the trial court erred as a matter of law in declaring that the defendants violated the Tennessee Open Meetings Act by deciding in a non-public meeting that Mr. Starbuck was not a bona fide Republican. As a result, we hold that the trial court erred in granting the temporary injunction,” the justices wrote.


Robby Starbuck took to Twitter to address this decision and issued a statement shown below.

In a separate tweet, Starbuck challenged the “not a Republican” slur that the TN GOP slapped Starbuck with, and used to remove him from the ballot. Starbuck brought the receipts of his long-time allegiance and advocacy to the same GOP that is now essentially throwing him under the bus.

Here is Starbuck’s official statement:

It’s official. State parties in Tennessee can meet in secret to remove candidates they don’t want on the ballot without any explanation. Supreme Court of Tennessee ruled in favor of TNGOP’s position that the State Executive Committee is not subject to the open meetings act despite them being elected officials.


So, transparency and accountability to the people who elected these officials have gone out the window. All the TN GOP want is to have their way, and damn the consequences to the state Constitution and the people of Tennessee.

An unbelievable loss for the system our founders intended for us to have where people decide elections. I’m heartbroken for the people of Tennessee that this was allowed to happen. This is NOT the end for my campaign. We have other options that we will imminently seek out.

This is good news that Starbuck is continuing to fight. Write-in candidacy in Tennessee requires prior filing before the ballot deadline, so it will be curious to see how the campaign handles this.

The system that was upheld today by the TN Supreme Court is sadly reminiscent of Cuba where a central committee removes real candidates and gives the people only party puppets to choose from. The impact of this decision is a giant blow to the system our founders intended for us to have.

As stated above, this good ‘ole boy/girl network is merely interested in curating the candidates they want to succeed, while stamping out any grassroots efforts to elicit change. These elected officials appear to love power above protecting and maintaining the system our founders intended.

But we’ve seen this before.

I will ALWAYS believe in election integrity, part of which means full competition from all candidates. Sadly, today the “powers much greater” than the SEC that one SEC member admitted “blindsided” the SEC at the vote to remove me, won.


Starbuck is proving to be a brawler, and the TN GOP’s failure to understand this is blowing up in their faces. Whether Starbuck ultimately makes it to the ballot or not, the Tenn. GOP and their actions have been exposed, and the elected body has been bruised and bloodied.

Starbuck once again appeals to We The People in Tennessee to make their case for their choice on the ballot and election integrity.

Be sure to use your voice to let @TNGOP know how you feel about their tireless work to remove your choice in this election. As hard as they worked to steal your choice, I’ll work even harder to root out and end any and all backroom dealing and corruption in our party. I urge you to also call on the national @GOP @GOPchairwoman to step in and make a statement about how insulting it is for the TNGOP to say I’m not a Republican after all the work I’ve done to bring people to the party, especially my fellow Latino Republicans.

They should also firmly and vocally oppose all efforts to disenfranchise Republican voters by stealing choices from them in the primary election. If we believe in voter integrity as a party, we better start acting like it.

As Starbuck encouraged, the stand for election integrity is not over.

Stay tuned….


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