Feel-Good Tuesday, Anyone? A Down Syndrome Kid Gets to Live His Dream

Drew and Becki Bausman share joy. Screenshot credit: CBS News video

I know everyone is chomping at the bit to get primary results, but this heart-tugger was too good to wait for Friday.

So, welcome to a Feel-Good Tuesday edition of Feel-Good Friday!


Seven-year-old Drew Bausman loves United Parcel Service. At that age, you love a lot of things; your mom, pizza, Legos. But Drew’s singular focus is on the delivery company. It brings him a particular joy, according to his mother Becky Bausman in an interview with KMAX-TV in Sacramento.

“Every time a UPS truck would go by, ‘UPS!’ ” Mom Becky Bausman said of Drew.

His favorite color: brown. His Halloween costume? You guessed it.

“So we got him a little uniform for Halloween and it stuck,” Becky said. “He started wanting to deliver packages to his friends and he told everyone who would listen that he wants to be a UPS driver when he grows up.”

The UPS company got wind of this, and helped turn little Drew’s dream into a reality.

“We heard that he loves delivering, loves UPS and loves bringing joy to – what we do – to other people,” said Ian Gettys, UPS driver.

In a miniature truck decorated with flames and filled with packages, Gettys drove Drew to his school, Caleb Greenwood Elementary. Together, they announced their arrival.

That is super cool for any kid to experience, but it is beyond wonderful when you get to see a special needs child’s wish fulfilled in this way. As you can tell from the video, Drew’s joy is uncontained. According to Drew’s mom, that’s the very reason why Drew loves the company: because UPS delivers joy.


“Joy is kind of my platform as it relates to Down Syndrome because, to be honest, having a kid with Down Syndrome has been the greatest source of joy in my life,” Becky said.

This story strikes so many positive notes. We report here on a lot of what’s wrong with America, but Drew Bausman’s story speaks volumes about what we still get right. Here’s a few insights:

Down Syndrome babies are too often aborted, because the death merchants think that having an extra chromosome means you have no value or purpose. Becki Bausman chose life and gave birth to Drew, and her choice has brought joy to their family. Her choice has brought joy to us in hearing their story. It lays bare the fallacy of abortion and the unexpected redemption experienced when we hold life in the highest honor.

UPS is a rock star, and an example of how a corporate face can be used for good. As much as we like to throw stones at large corporations, and bemoan many of them going “woke,” it is refreshing to see a corporation extend itself in this way, just because. Yeah, it’s good PR for them, but UPS not only fulfilled a young boy’s dream, but helped to spotlight the wonder of childhood, the delight of simple belief, and how giving to others is an act that transforms both the giver and the receiver.


There have been too many videos and stories this week about children with drag queens and the corruption of innocence. It is a delicious palate cleanser to get a glimpse of pure innocence on display — and that doing something simply because it brings joy to you and others is a beautiful thing.

Happy Feel-Good Tuesday!


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