However He Exits, Can We Just Kiss Garcetti Goodbye Now?

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As RedState reported here, here, and here, the nomination of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti for Ambassador to India has encountered some rough waters due to allegations that Mayor Garcetti knew full well about the alleged sexual misconduct of his then-advisor Rick Jacobs and did nothing about it. Jacobs and the City of Los Angeles is being sued by Los Angeles Police Officer Matthew Garza over that alleged misconduct. Additional allegations have been lodged by Garcetti’s former communications director Naomi Seligman through a whistleblower complaint.


This was enough for Senator Chuck Grassley to put Garcetti’s nomination on hold pending his own staff’s investigation into what Garcetti knew, and when he knew it.

That was back in March.

On Tuesday, Sen. Grassley’s office released a statement, along with the full 23-page investigative report (the “Grassley report”) with its findings and conclusions.

Senator Grassley’s office also stated that the senator would not vote to confirm Garcetti as Ambassador to India. We have enough squishes on the Republican side to push him through, but with a 50-50 Senate, it’s not looking good for Mayor Yoga Pants.

Our sister site Townhall reported:

Grassley’s subsequent investigation involved interviews with 15 witnesses, a review of 26 depositions that came from a civil suit against Jacobs and a City of Los Angeles report, as well as emails and text messages that were turned over to investigators. Despite the Grassley investigators’ attempts to speak with the individuals at the center of the allegations, Jacobs and 11 other people “working for or close to Mayor Garcetti refused” to speak with investigators. Garcetti himself refused three separate requests to talk with investigators.

Well that’s pretty damning. If you are so desperate to become an ambassador you might want to take the time to participate in a powerful senator’s investigation. I guess Garcetti was too busy cuddling up to former sports stars and attending SuperBowl games maskless.


From the Grassley report:

Based on information obtained by Committee investigators, it is more probable than not that Mr. Jacobs sexually harassed multiple individuals, and made racist comments towards others. Based on witness testimony, this behavior was pervasive, widespread, and notorious. Several individuals told investigators that Mayor Garcetti was aware of this behavior, and based on the reported frequency and conspicuous nature of the conduct, it is more likely than not that Mayor Garcetti either had personal knowledge of the sexual harassment or should have been aware of it.

We reach these conclusions based on witness testimony, documents, physical evidence, and Mr. Jacobs’ own admissions.

The Grassley report includes deeper dives into the background knowledge of a photo which shows Rick Jacobs groping one of the men also posing, while Garcetti gives a “thumbs up.” The report also includes text messages between former Garcetti Comms Director Alex Comisar (male), and Naomi Seligman (female) discussing the abuse they both suffered by Jacobs’ hand. From the evidence outlined in the report, it appears that Jacobs is an equal opportunity predator whom Garcetti wanted around him no matter what the cost.

India is a republic that is sadly known for its sexual exploitation of impoverished women and children. So, Garcetti practically co-signing Jacobs behavior is not a good look for an ambassadorship to this particular country.


Just saying….

The Grassley report concluded:

By all accounts, Mr. Jacobs’ behavior was widely known and talked about. It was pervasive, widespread, and notorious—to the point that Mr. Jacobs sexually harassed someone in front of the Mayor for a picture that would be memorialized for all time. Such overt conduct suggests at best that Mr. Jacobs had no fear of any repercussions. Additionally, the fact that so many senior staff were aware of the picture and did nothing about it further supports that this type of behavior was normalized and, even if known by the Mayor, would incur no consequences.

Lastly, by all accounts, Mayor Garcetti is very involved in the day-to-day operation of his office. The testimony and documents reviewed by investigators, when considered alongside Mr. Jacobs’ own admissions, the mayor’s admission of his awareness of Mr. Jacobs’ habits to kiss and hug others, and the apparent frequency, notoriety, and widespread acknowledgment of Mr. Jacobs’ behavior by so many individuals both inside and outside City Hall who interacted with the Mayor’s office, weigh strongly against the notion that the Mayor had no knowledge of it. It is extremely unlikely that he would not have been aware of Mr. Jacobs’ behavior.

Based on a preponderance of the evidence, we conclude that Mayor Garcetti likely knew or should have known that Rick Jacobs was sexually harassing multiple individuals and making racist comments towards others.


A Senate rejection of Garcetti’s ambassadorship post would be an appropriate end to Garcetti’s decades-long malfeasance and corruption that he has inflicted upon Los Angeles during his 12 years in the City Council and his eight years as the mayor. Why would anyone want to be responsible for rewarding this behavior?

If the Senate allows Garcetti to take his destruction internationally, it will be doing just that. It will also confirm that a cover up is afoot since, should he be confirmed, Garcetti could not be compelled to return to the United States to face any civil or criminal allegations lodged against him.


If Garcetti is not confirmed, it’s pretty much his endgame. He is termed out as Mayor of Los Angeles, and between his tortured record on homelessness, crime, defunding the LAPD, and executive overreach, Garcetti has left the city in a terrible state. With the allegations against Rick Jacobs still being litigated, the Office of Mayor is also in shambles. Garcetti will no longer have the protections of a higher office, and from the looks of things, he doesn’t have any allies who hold higher office either. If that’s the case, Garcetti will no doubt be swept up in Jacobs’ iniquitous actions and his own complicity in them. Not to mention his own crimes, which will be further exposed.


However Garcetti exits the stage, the hook cannot come soon enough.



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