CPAC 2022 Girl Power: Ingrid Centurion Plans to Replace Nancy Mace in SC-1

Jennifer Oliver O'Connell interviews Ingrid Centurion at CPAC 2022

In my final interview of this CPAC 2022 Girl Power series, I interviewed Ingrid Centurion, who is challenging Rep. Nancy Mace (R-Desperate) for her South Carolina District 1 seat. When I asked Centurion why she is challenging a fellow conservative, Centurion was blunt:


“She’s not a conservative. She’s a Republican.”

Mace has not hit the sweetest notes with conservatives in her short run in Congress. Despite going toe-to-toe with AOC, Mace condemned former President Donald J. Trump, but still voted, “No” on impeachment. However, Mace voted in support of transgender rights, and for the tearing down of Confederate statues. Mace has a strong contender in Centurion, who is a combat veteran as well as a business leader. With her articulate presentation, background, and platform, Centurion appears to be poised to #ReplaceMace in the June South Carolina primaries.



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