UPDATE: With a SCOTUS Hearing Pending, Siemens Healthineers Employees Continue to Challenge the Vaccine Mandates

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Challenges to the Biden administration OSHA vaccine mandates on companies of over 100 employees, and medical facilities that receive Medicare and other federal funding have landed in The United States Supreme Court. After the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals whiffed, allowing the vaccine mandates to stand, an ascension to SCOTUS was inevitable. The high court was already considering on an emergency basis other cases involving the vaccine mandates, but this traditionally does not involve oral arguments. However, in an unprecedented move, the court announced it would take a more formal approach to these cases, so a hearing was scheduled for January 7, 2022.


That is less than two days away, and legal experts spoke to USA Today, indicating that the odds may not be in Biden’s favor:

“It’s none of my business as an employer to get into the medical decisions of my employees,” said Trosclair, a second-generation grocer and former Republican candidate for state legislative office. “I just thought it was incredibly wrong to put that burden on the employer as well as…on the employee.”

Legal experts predict Trosclair’s argument will resonate with the high court, where conservatives now enjoy a 6-3 advantage. While the justices have repeatedly turned away challenges to state and local COVID-19 vaccine mandates, the Biden administration is all but guaranteed to face a tougher reception.

But the destructive seeds of these vaccine mandates have already been planted, germinated, and are growing like weeds within the larger corporations who Biden knew would do his bidding. These companies do not give one whit about individual freedoms or civil rights. Instead, they are using the mandates to cull their employee herd and improve their own fiscal bottom line.

This is how corporations like Honeywell, Siemens, IBM, Verizon, and many others have operated:

  1. Before Biden made his September 9, 2021 press conference announcing his executive orders concerning vaccine mandates, private companies were already laying the groundwork to institute their own internal vaccine mandates.
  2. In forcing their employees to receive vaccinations, the mandates only allowed acceptance of the three emergency use vaccines: Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson. Health accommodations or natural immunity were not even given a mention.
  3. Employees are required to register their vaccination status in a corporate database, forcing them to disclose their personal medical information to a third-party who is not subject to HIPAA protections.
  4. Emails shared with RedState show that corporations have established their own “COVID-19 Task Force;” however, the corporations refuse to disclose the members who comprise this task force. Yet, this task force is charged with making decisions on who receives an exemption, and who does not.
  5. Some of the companies made claims toward offering medical and religious exemptions and accommodations, but used it as a formality to either shine their employees on, or simply outright refuse their request. Many of the companies did not offer any accommodations.

At this point, we know what the intent behind these vaccine mandates are: A Purge.

Whether it is the U.S. Marines (169 service members have been discharged since Christmas Eve) or private industry, this vaccine mandate autocracy is a convenient excuse to get rid of those less… desirable, as well as trim the fat and clear out staff.

Siemens Healthineers, a separate corporate arm of the Siemens AG conglomerate, is one of those corporations using the excuse of the vaccine mandate to purge and potentially close the division.

How, you might ask? Several of its employees and contractors contacted this writer after my exposes on Siemens. A majority of these employees are either remote workers who are not “client-facing,” others are independent contractors where the terms of their agreements clearly outlined that a) they were not “client-facing,” and b) they were not subject to the same provisions as the regular employees: like vaccine mandates.

As one former employee wrote:

I’m a Siemens Healthineers’ employee of 19 years, about to be cut for not submitting to their sick agenda because now I am “dirty.”

I wish to remain anonymous, but I can tell you we have been treated like total crap by HR. They refuse to talk to us or answer emails.  Their responses are like “bots” and statements like, “We care about the health and wellness of our employees.” I cannot verify this, but I was told there are 400 people at our site asking for exemptions, which is a third of our site. They will not let anyone, including those that can work a job totally remote, to have an exemption.

They peddle a ton of propaganda, have had a few webinars telling us to “get vaccinated,” where they say they aren’t providing medical information, while also stating, “talk to your physician about the vaccine,” and then proceeding to cut anyone with a religious exemption. They have made cuts already, but are getting ready to cut the religious exemptions because they are Satanists to put it mildly.

They have already designated this site as “vaccine only.” Anyone that doesn’t get vaccinated will be voluntarily resigned. They have changed their rules on this several times and given us confusing information; they are very disorganized. We are not permitted testing as an alternative or accommodation.


Ophelia is another Siemens Healthineers employee who flatly refused to comply. Because she considered the mandate a violation of her civil rights, she refused to enter her vaccine status into the company’s TrueNorth database, and continued to ask questions, demand answers, and defend her right not to be forced to be vaccinated:

Dear Siemens Healthineers USA COVID-19 Task Force,

Please provide the information requested below regarding the new policy.

1. How do we assure that our medical information will be secure in the provided third party tool?

2. Please provide proof that the CDC isolated the virus and/or variant that Siemens is requiring a medical treatment to prevent.

3. Please provide proof that the medical treatment requested will prevent or mitigate the current variant or future variants in regard to individual disease and transmission.

4. If adverse reactions do occur, please advise if our current insurance will cover the event, and any subsequent treatments required in the future.

5. Will the life insurance provided through Siemens still be valid if I agree to this medical treatment?

Please advise if there is a policy that establishes Siemens standard practice for required medical treatments for other contagious viruses over the past years. Was this required for Influenza, Ebola, Legionnaires, etc?

Ophelia was one of the Siemens Healthineers contractors swept into the blanket requirements of the vaccine mandates, even though her contract guidelines specifically stated otherwise, as she consistently reminded the human resources personnel with whom she corresponded:

As previously stated, the Federal Contractors Guidance as it pertains to my department and position are not applied within the new policy, HC-HRS 1. The statements highlighted in FAQ’s below are not true. The actual guidance does not apply to my department (OEM-Out), nor does it apply to my permanent remote position. As stated on pages 3 & 4 of the Draft contractor guidance doc_20210922, my department is not party to any covered contracts, and as a fully remote employee, my residence is not considered to be a covered contractor workplace.

Amazing how that all flies out the window when dollars are on the line.

Sadly, on December 3, 2021, Ophelia was placed on unpaid suspension, then placed into the ridiculous category of “voluntarily resigned,” before they formally terminated her.


I was terminated on December 17th, 2021 for not adhering to Siemens policy. They never did address any of the laws they were breaking in the new policy. Next steps? I am still thinking about how to approach it, but a lawsuit is in order. Unfortunately, since the AG in Delaware seems to be a captured individual, or just indifferent, we will need to take a different approach, as the offenses are criminal. I will reach out when I have a clear plan.

After submitting a religious exemption in September, then dealing with confusing back and forth correspondence between her managers and human resources, Beckie was given this strange concession on October 29, 2021:

Dear Beckie:

We have received and reviewed your request for an accommodation for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Your request has been approved with the following conditions:

Your exemption is temporarily approved through: January 7, 2022.

Fascinating. Was this so-called COVID-19 Task Force aware that the Biden mandates could potentially be going to the U.S. Supreme Court? Seems like more than a strange coincidence.

If your request was for a longer period than what has been noted above, as the approval date approaches the Company will review whether we can extend the approval or whether it is posing an undue hardship.

Based on your exemption request you are required to follow the alternative safety precautions outlined below while on a customer or Siemens Healthineers site, traveling for work purposes, attending on-site or off-site work events, conferences, meetings, or trainings:

 Mask Wearing

 Social Distancing, including during meals and breaks

 Customer Required Precautions

 COVID-19 Testing (as determined by federal/state/local/site/customer requirements)

Additionally, as a temporary accommodation, you may be required to continue to work from home for the duration of your exemption.

This is a reflection of the one-size-fits-all approach to how the companies are addressing these mandates. Beckie has been remote since the pandemic began in 2020, and even now, her role has little, if any, customer interaction. If a human resource department, or this task force does not know this, how can they make appropriate decisions on an employee’s behalf?

You will be subject to these requirements for the duration of your exemption even if the Company removes these requirements for vaccinated employees.

If your role, or the requirements of your role change in any way it is your responsibility to notify your HRBC of this change so that your exemption can be re-evaluated.

Additionally, there may be remote roles available where an accommodation could be possible. Please review the open positions at https://usa.healthcare.siemens.com/careers. If there are any open remote roles for which you believe you are qualified, please submit an application and also contact your HRBC to discuss.


Are these the remote roles of which they just stripped A. Michael and Ophelia? Beckie also noticed this disconnect. In her reply to me, she said:

One thing to note is that they are telling us in our very canned emails that we can apply for a remote job but they are letting people with fully remote jobs go, so they are flat out lying.

Then Siemens Healthineers issued this supposed caveat on the religious accommodation:

The Company reserves the right to reassess the accommodation and whether it’s creating an undue hardship at any time.

Beckie informed me a few days ago that they had extended the exemption to sometime in March:

Siemens sent me an email on Friday the 17th stating I am temporarily approved again now until March something. I think they are going to keep doing this to me and continue to torture me. Nothing new has developed that I am aware of. The latest was that they were not backing down despite what was going on. That was as of the week of the 13th of December.

Beckie is still required to “show her papers” by documenting her status in the TrueNorth database.

Please update your vaccine status in TrueNorth and upload this approved exemption request form using this link https://siemens.truenorth.net/medical/covid/

Siemens Healthineers Human Resources

Note that the goal here is twofold: First, the question of who will comply and who will not comply has been answered. Our government has no plan of relinquishing the controls they gained over Americans during this pandemic, so they want to know which Americans were the ones who chose to bend, and which ones didn’t. Second, Siemens Healthineers now has a willing army of loyal employees who they will continue to manipulate into further compliance or use to rat out dissenters.

The co-chair of his law firm’s OSHA-Workplace Safety Practice said as much:

John S. Ho, co-chair of OSHA-Workplace Safety Practice at Cozen O’Connor, said that companies should be developing a “roster of vaccination status” of employees to show OSHA “good faith” in complying with the mandates.

“You should have that roster in place by Jan. 10,” he said. But Ho also is advising companies to take a “wait-and-see approach” on implementing the vaccination mandates that could lead some employees to quit.

While SCOTUS may well weigh in favor of civil liberties and the Constitution, the only thing these companies will understand is loss of revenue, with a heavy does of public shaming.


My colleague streiff wrote:

The order was problematic from the beginning as it entailed a unilateral modification of contract terms of all federal contracts. Contract modifications that impact contractor costs and staffing are subject to negotiations. Contract mods that call into question the ability of some contractors to complete their contracts definitely can’t be imposed by the government. That was becoming the case as major federal contractors like Huntington Ingalls Industries, the major U.S. Navy shipbuilding company, suspended the vaccine on mandate on its own authority. Raytheon and General Electric have warned of losing “several thousand” employees should that unconscionable mandate be enforced.

Employees staged protests and walkouts at other companies in response to the mandate.

Ho could well be giving us a preview of OSHA’s intent, which explains why they are insistent on these company databases of compliant individuals to continue this twisted slide into fascism.

Many of the Siemens Healthineers have banded together with the Liberty Counsel and other free speech legal entities to continue to mount class action lawsuits. Loss of historical experience, seasoned employees, litigation costs, and in turn, loss of profit is the only thing these companies will ever understand.

Streiff continued to make some excellent points about what we have allowed corporations to do, to our own peril, and what we must do to stop them:

First of all, corporations must be forbidden from requiring any medical treatment or therapies by their employees. We all stood idly by when companies banned smoking and imposed “wellness” programs on their employees; now, we are reaping the fruits of our inaction. Corporations are the prime and the willing enforcers of this Mengele-ian regulation. They must be disabused of the notion that their employees are their property (see OSHA’s Suspension of Implementation and Enforcement of the Vaccine Mandate Means Nothing Unless Corporations Also Stop). To that end, we must, when able, take action to fine and sue corporations out of existence if they impose any medical requirement on anyone. Secondly, so long as we are ruled by the lawless and unethical bunch in the White House, mere court injunctions are irrelevant (see The Fifth Circuit Slapping Down Biden’s Illegal Vaccine Mandate Is Meaningless in the Face of a Lawless Presidency). Tellingly, Biden has publicly instructed companies to ignore court orders and use their own.


Hopefully the affected Siemens Healthineers professionals, and other large corporate employees who are fighting back will stand strong. The Biden administration is playing a dangerous game with people’s lives, and he might not know it now, but it is going to blow up in his face.

In a many ways, it already has.


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