Merry Christmas, Los Angeles! You Get the Gift of What You Voted For

Merry Christmas, Los Angeles! You Get the Gift of What You Voted For
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The Los Angeles residents who voted against the Recall of Gavin Newsom, and voted in George Gascon, received another rude awakening yesterday. You see, they think that Hair Gel’s and Gascon’s policies were meant to help the unwashed masses. That it would have nothing to do with them. After all, they have lawyers to attend to such things.

The elites thought that these horrible policies they voted for wouldn’t affect them. Well, now it sucks to be them. They are getting what they voted for, and they are getting it good, and hard.

For two hours, Rodeo Drive was shut down Thursday night to the sound of chants, songs, drums and pouring rain booming through the streets.

The demonstration, dubbed “Smash White Capitalism and Grab Justice,” was organized by Black Lives Matter Los Angeles and kicked off at Beverly Gardens Park at 4 p.m. The demonstration was a commentary on how capitalism is historically linked to violence against bodies of color, organizers said.

“Today is a smash and grab. It is a different kind of smash and grab — don’t nobody go and grab Gucci purses, ok? We are smashing white capitalism and we are grabbing some justice. We are smashing and grabbing in the name of our people — we know that every year, the reason we do this is because our people are killed by white capitalism,” said Melina Abdullah, co-founder of the Black Lives Matter Los Angeles chapter.

Starting around 5:20 p.m., the group made their way down Rodeo Drive led by a car playing music with an emcee leading chants like “Black lives, we matter,” “whose streets? our streets” and “what do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now!” The event happened during a very rare Los Angeles downpour.

Well, looks like that shopping trip to Gucci was just upended.

Some commenters on the post resented Moriarty’s use of “rioters” and “terrorizing.” But let’s be honest: who wants their Christmas shopping disrupted by fractured carols and social justice mantras? No one that I know.

For two hours, around 60 people made their way toward Wilshire Boulevard, stopping in stores to sing Christmas Carols with a twist; the songs had titles like “Deck the Streets,” “Hark the Fighting People Sing” and “Trump’s Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire.” After a couple stops, stores began locking the carolers out.

And they thought the 2020 Trump rallies were a terrible thing? Well, here’s what is taking its place.

“We know white capitalism utilizes police violence to steal the lives of our people so that they can make a profit. So every year we celebrate Black Xmas to disrupt white supremacist patriarchal heteronormative capitalism,” Abdullah said.

Beverly Hills police were aware of the demonstration for days, said Giovanni Trejo, public information officer for the police department. Police patrolled the demonstration from a distance along with private security. The department welcomes lawful and constitutionally protected protesting, Trejo told the Patch earlier Thursday.

But these BLMers were trespassing on private property and disrupting places of business. Can’t wait to see the lawsuits that spring from this. Either that, or these high-end retailers will vote with their feet. With the flight of businesses and people out of L.A., Rodeo Drive will become Rodeo Road before you can say, “U-Haul.”

From the ridiculous show in May of 2020 of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti kneeling in the streets with rioters, to defunding the police budget, to Beverly Hills begging BLM to stay away from their doors, none of this obeisance to the BLM organization and their agenda appears to be working.

Sow to the wind, reap the whirlwind. BLM will not stop until it get its pound of flesh. And once they get that pound, they’ll demand a short ton.

Merry Christmas!

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