Phoenix Drops Its Vaccine Mandate for City Employees—Time for California to Fall in Line

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My colleague streiff beautifully covered the United States District Court Southern District of Georgia’s ruling which put another stake in the heart of Dementia Joe’s vaccine mandates. The ruling extended the stay of the vaccine mandate affecting federal contractors nationwide, and not just to the jurisdictions covered under the court.


While streiff rightly focused on the fact that corporations with more than 100 employees could still try to keep their employee vaccine mandates in place as covered here and here, it is a shot in the arm (pun intended) for the law enforcement, first responders, and civil servants who were on the chopping block while the 5th and 6th Circuit Courts of Appeal work out the vaccine mandate lawsuits.

Thanks to other recent rulings, like the one RedState covered from the USDC—Eastern District of Missouri that stayed the healthcare workers vaccine mandate, the dominoes are tumbling rapidly, and some corporations are already abandoning their push to enforce vaccination mandates. Last week, mandates were suspended at the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals, as local Fox 8 in Cleveland reported:

 University Hospitals and the Cleveland Clinic are suspending their COVID-19 vaccination mandates following a recent federal injunction.

The hospital systems issued the policy weeks ago in accordance with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

“Come Jan. 4, unless there is further legal action, caregivers may continue to provide patient care services regardless of their vaccination status,” UH said in a statement on Thursday.

“Even though it is not a condition of employment at this time and CMS deadlines do not apply while the injunction remains in place, we continue asking our caregivers, in clinical and nonclinical positions, to get vaccinated or to seek an accommodation. We believe, consistent with the scientific consensus, that COVID-19 vaccines are the most effective way to protect our caregivers, patients and community.”


And also last week, Advent Health in Florida, one of the largest chain of hospitals, also suspended theirs. Effective immediately, they will no longer require its 83,000 employees to be vaccinated against COVID.

But who would have thought the City of Phoenix would be so quick to fall in line?

In light of today’s federal court ruling, temporarily blocking a requirement for all federal contract workers getting the #COVID19 vaccine, the city of #PHX will pause implementation of the federal mandate requiring city workers be vaccinated by Jan. 18.

Phoenix is a progressive-leaning city in a mostly Republican Arizona, so their quick action is not only huge, but may well be a bellwether on the shift in other cities and states who adopted the Biden administration’s EO 14042 as gospel and goose-stepped accordingly.

Who will be next to change direction and drop their mandates? Los Angeles city, and the entire State of California would be the next logical choice.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who has one foot in the city and the other in India, signed legislation requiring all city workers be vaccinated by December 18 or lose their job. Now it looks as though that mandate may crumble before he even gets on a plane.

On July 26, Governor Gavin Newsom was the first out the gate to issue a statewide vaccine mandate on all government employees. Of course, his union friends were exempted, but that’s a story for another day.

Hair Gel left the state for the third time in two months, this time to promote his children’s book. Yet, thanks to Newsom, California remains in a “state of emergency,” because the twin variants of Delta and Omicron are just too scary. Apparently not too scary for him to leave, because some animals are more equal than others.

If we had a real national press, rather than the legacy media cheerleaders, His Hairfulness would get asked why he felt the need to leave his state for such a trivial thing as selling books at such a critical time in its fight against Omicron <insert *eyeroll* emoji>. Then they need to ask him in light of the USDC ruling, will he suspend his vaccine mandate against statewide employees.

We’ll wait….



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