Canadian Indigenous Health Expert Dr. Carrie Bourassa Joins the Ranks of the Racial Grifters Club

Dr. Carrie Bourassa. Credit: CBC Radio video screenshot

And here in America we thought we held the prize on race grievance and cultural appropriation. Along comes Canada saying, “Hold my Beer.”

From the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s (CBC.CA) expose:


With a feather in her hand and a bright blue shawl and Métis sash draped over her shoulders, Carrie Bourassa made her entrance to deliver a TEDx Talk at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon in September 2019, where she detailed her personal rags-to-riches story.

“My name is Morning Star Bear,” she said, choking up. “I’m just going to say it — I’m emotional.”

The crowd applauded and cheered.

“I’m Bear Clan. I’m Anishinaabe Métis from Treaty Four Territory,” Bourassa said, explaining that she grew up in Regina’s inner city in a dysfunctional family surrounded by addiction, violence and racism.

As it turns out, Bourassa went on to become one of the most prominent and respected voices on Indigenous health in the country. She is a professor in the department of community health and epidemiology at the University of Saskatchewan, where she directs the Morning Star Lodge, an Indigenous community-based health research lab.

She is also the scientific director of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research’s Institute of Indigenous Peoples’ Health, a federal agency that is the leading funder of Indigenous health research in Canada.

In an email, the CIHR calls Bourassa “a Métis woman, a highly regarded Indigenous researcher” who “has been a selfless leader and a tireless champion for all Indigenous Peoples in this country.”

But some of her colleagues, like Winona Wheeler, an associate professor of Indigenous studies at the University of Saskatchewan, say Bourassa’s story is built on a fundamental falsehood.

Wheeler, a member of Manitoba’s Fisher River Cree Nation, says genealogical records show Bourassa is not Indigenous at all, but rather of entirely European descent.

“When I saw that TEDx, to be quite honest, I was repulsed by how hard she was working to pass herself off as Indigenous,” Wheeler told CBC. “You’ve got no right to tell people that’s who you are in order to gain legitimacy, to get positions and to get funding. That’s abuse.”


Tell that to Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, who did just that for decades. Warren is still in elected office, so that tells you how little people care about this. We don’t require honesty or integrity in our politicians, just the ability to bloviate and push through the agendas we want to see.

What the academics at the University of Saskatchewan really care about is that they were duped. When you think you’re the smartest people in the world, it really sucks that you were fooled just like anybody else.

Welcome to being human.

Earlier this week, CIHR took to Twitter to celebrate that Bourassa was just named one of Canada’s 100 most powerful women for 2021 by WXN, a Toronto-based women’s advocacy group.

In addition to claiming Metis and Anishinaabe heritage, Bourassa has also asserted that she’s a descendant of the Tlingit, a small group of Indigenous people from the Yukon and British Columbia.

Bourassa is not just claiming one tribe, but the whole spectrum! Frankly, she puts Warren to shame.

Welcome to the Race and Culture Grifters Club, colonialist cousins.


Let’s call racial and cultural appropriation what it really is: a cash cow. One talent that grifters have is recognizing the winds of change and working that change to capitalize off it. There have always been racial grifters, in my lifetime starting as far back as the “Rever-Rund” Jesse Jackson and Operation P.U.S.H. (now Rainbow P.U.S.H.), and the Reverend Al Sharpton riding the false rape allegations of Tawanna Brawley to national prominence. The late Rush Limbaugh rightly dubbed them, “The Just-US Brothers,” since their calls for racial and social justice primarily benefited their pocketbooks.


But while they held a corner on it for decades, the winds of change truly became evident with Barack Obama’s presidential win in 2008. Along with being the “first Black” (more bi-racial) president, he also made community organizing Oh, so hip! The rise of BLM in 2015 sealed the deal, making racial grievance and activism a full on cottage industry that anyone could invest in—almost like multi-level marketing, but angrier.

Not only does racial and cultural appropriation garner money and prestige, it gets you lots of attention, and frankly, I think that is the real story behind Dr. Carrie Bourassa.

Time will tell.

Bourassa reminds me of Rachel Dolezal, aka Nkechi Amare Diallo, who was the first academic and activist outed for appropriating a culture in which she had no biological stake.

I wrote about Rachel Dolezal back in 2015, when the story first broke:

Rachel identified herself as “Black” on a City of Spokane employment application, says her father is Black, and has claimed to be the victim of a number of hate crimes.  So how is this atypical of any person who does race-based activism, and why should we care?

Apparently Rachel Dolezal is now under scrutiny over the veracity of her ethnicity and her claims of being a victim of racism. Ruthanne and Lawrence Dolezal of Montana have come forward saying that Dolezal is definitely their daughter and most certainly not black. Since the Dolezals are white, this would be a foregone conclusion.

The two have spoken to the Washington Post and other outlets, stating that Rachel is their natural-born daughter, and they have presented a birth certificate and family pictures of Rachel through her childhood, as a young adult and even at her wedding to corroborate their statements.

So Rachel Dolezal is either the victim of an elaborate character assassination, or she is a fraud.


The fraud was proven, and recriminations, resignations, and the typical academic blather to reinvent language and terminology around race and culture was afoot. But Dolezal’s grift was still paying off for her: she got a book deal, speaking engagements, and lots of attention as she went from, “I identify as Black,” to “I identify as trans-racial,” to “I identify as human but culturally I feel like a Black person.”

So save for Blacks who were, and still are, genuinely upset, people just lapped it all up, and continued to support the grift. Dolezal’s story was like watching a train wreck in slow motion, except the wreck never resulted in full-on destruction. So, the damaged train just sputters along on a broken track, dribbling fuel, and picking up any passenger who is stupid enough to take a ride.

Of course, the term self-loathing comes to mind. This term is generally applied by leftist and liberals to Black conservatives, because we don’t toe the line of groupthink on voting Democrat, speak against the welfare state created by paternalistic liberals that has supported and perpetrated many of the problems in the black community.

Because we refuse to swallow the Kool-Aid on supporting President Obama just because he is Black.

They claim we (Black conservatives) hate ourselves so much that we want to be white, and we subjugate our true blackness (which in their mind includes voting liberal and supporting liberal causes) in order to be accepted by whites.

Let there be a bit of clarity at this point: No Black conservative that I know has a problem being black; we just have a problem with the liberal agenda and what it is has done to black identity.

So Rachel Dolezal could just be a diabolical plant: a white person claiming to be Black to continue this destruction of Black identity. Only time will tell.

It is all an interesting debate, and I am watching curiously to see whether it just stays a huge punch line or unfolds to a deeper and more substantive discussion. However, if her parents’ claims are true—and they have mad Photoshop skills if they are not—then Rachel Dolezal has some serious issues.


Only five years later, I am amazed at how prescient that statement was. Dolezal continues to prove with each new appearance that she does want to water down Black identity, and she is definitely the poster child of “serious issues.”

Dolezal no doubt received some form of an advance for her book, In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World. Just last year, Dolezal was in South Africa doing interviews and speaking at the Quest for Non Racial South African Society Dialogue (QfNRSASD) at the University of Johannesburg. Somebody had to pay for that ticket and her lodging, and she probably received a stipend for her speech.

Yet, in February, she appeared on Tamron Hall’s talkfest to whine about the difficulty of finding work because her grift blew up in her face. Dolezal is suffering the consequences of a controversy that she created, all because she refuses to get off media, and go seek some psychological help.

Dolezal uttered this ridiculous line in her Tamron Hall interview:

“I’ve always identified racially as ‘human’ but have found more of a home in Black culture in the Black community, and that hasn’t changed.”


From a February New York Post article:

Infamous race-faker Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who was outed for pretending to be black in 2015, still insists she’s African American and complained in a recent interview she’s been unable to secure a new job for six years.

Dolezal, 43, who now goes by the Nigerian name Nkechi Amare Diallo, sat down for a talk on the “Tamron Hall” show to whine about how she wishes people could see her for who she is rather than “what” she is.

“I started with applying for all of the things I was qualified for and after interviews and getting turned down, I even applied to jobs that didn’t even require degrees, being a maid at a hotel, working at a casino,” Dolezal told the former “Today” host in the interview, which aired on YouTube Monday.

“I wasn’t able to get any of those jobs either,” she lamented.


According to Dolezal, she hasn’t held down a job for six years. Doing book tours and traipsing off to Africa qualifies as work in my world; but, I digress.

Dolezal then claimed that she has even applied for jobs that did not require a degree, like working at a casino or being a maid. Dolezal said it is the continued backlash from her racial-appropriating past that prevents her from finding work.

Ya think?!

Dolezal, who identifies as “transracial” — someone who identifies with a certain race even if their biology is different — said she’s been braiding hair, writing grants, painting and doing “pep talks” on Cameo to make ends meet.

As much as possible, any employer wants to know they can trust their employees and that they are who they claim to be.

In the case of Dolezal, that ship sailed a long time ago.

But Dolezal has three boys, a toddler, and two young adults. How exactly did she support a baby, and two young men for the last five years? Did braiding hair, grant writing, and painting pictures pay for diapers, formula, and clothes of growing children?

I have my doubts.

Dolezal has also recently appeared on reality TV, as this video from the Mel Robbins Show indicates.


Yet, she refuses to apologize for her racial and cultural appropriation. Just like Elizabeth Warren, and too many others. Dolezal still continues to appropriate and is committed to reworking the grift. She ended her Tamron Hall interview with this stunner:

“We all need to do the work of deinstitutionalizing racism.”

But if we did, Dolezal would have to actually go out and get some real work, something she claims she cannot find. So, I doubt she’ll be pushing too hard for that.

Dolezal is straight-up delusional. Sadly, Dr. Carrie Bourassa probably falls into this category as well.

Dolezal has recently moved from Spokane, Wash., to Tucson, Ariz., because a college town like Tucson is the perfect place to build a new grift. With all the wokeness, social justice, and racial grievance embedded at the University of Arizona and other institutions of higher learning, they will no doubt embrace her with open arms. Miss me when Dolezal starts to claim she has Native American heritage.


So, if Dr. Carrie Bourassa lies low, and sticks to her cultural doublespeak and delusions, she too will continue to capitalize off robbing other cultures of their rich heritage and gullible leftists of their money.

Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.


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