VIDEO: 'You Don't Belong Around Here,' Al Sharpton Gets A Cold Reception in Baltimore

Duane (aka Shorty) Davis is well known around Baltimore for a lot of reasons but especially for his barbecue and his creative knack for calling politicians and public figures to account. He posted this video via Facebook Live on Sunday morning as the Reverend Al Sharpton was arriving to in town to preach.


Sharpton was greeted by some guys who are less than impressed with his performance on a number of fronts. The audio isn’t always clear but it’s fun watching Sharpton get taken to task.

The welcoming committee grills Sharpton on how much he’s getting paid to preach and about why he isn’t doing more about mass incarcerations and criminal justice reform. They don’t much like his answers.

Shorty says Sharpton came to “exploit tragedies and collect money.”

The Rev rolls up in his Escalade around the 3:00 minute mark.

(language warning)

You may remember seeing some stories about Shorty in the news a while back. His method of protest involved decorating discarded toilets with news clippings and other objects symbolic of the injustice about which he was trying to raise awareness.

One toilet protest in 2011 landed Shorty in jail, accused of terrorism, because police treated the toilet as if it were a bomb. He was acquitted of all charges but not before the state had confiscated his property, his vehicle, and his computer and video equipment he was using to make a film about corruption in Baltimore. The government even held him in a mental institution. Whatever you think of his methods, Davis is undoubtedly a victim of the tyranny and corruption of a state mostly dominated by Democrat machine politics.


In 2012 he ran in the Republican Primary for Lieutenant Governor of Maryland on a protest ticket with former city firefighter Brian Vaeth.



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