In the Seattle Mayor's Race, the People Chose 'More Police' Over 'More Woke'

Screenshot of Seattle Mayor Voting Results (Credit: King5 News Seattle)

This was another shocking election result that flew under the radar. Seattle is among the wokest of woke cities, and they vote for progressive policies and progressive politicians. However, after years of Antifa destruction, rioting and CHAZ/CHOP violence that Mayor Jenny “Summer of Love” Durkan dismissed, cries of “Defund the Police,” and rampant crime and homelessness, even the wokagensia were clamoring for a bit of sanity.


After a year of criticism, as well as the possibility of federal charges over her horrible response to the CHAZ/CHOP deaths, Mayor Jenny Durkan decided she would not run for re-election, and all of Seattle no doubt breathed a sigh of relief.

Democrat candidates Bruce Harrell and Lorena González, both having served on the Seattle City Council, put their hats into the ring for the job.

After the votes were counted on Tuesday, with a margin of 65 percent to 35 percent, it appears that Bruce Harrell will be Seattle’s next mayor.

From King5 Seattle News:

Former Seattle City Council President Bruce Harrell has won the race for Seattle mayor over current council President Lorena González.

Harrell maintained his lead with 64% of the vote following a second ballot count on Nov. 3.

Harrell will replace Mayor Jenny Durkan, who chose not to seek re-election, and serve a four-year term. The mayor of Seattle is responsible for ensuring the laws of the city are enforced while directing and controlling city government.

The candidates’ party may be the same, but the distinctions between their approach towards governance are stark. Harrell’s platform was, dare I say, quite conservative.

Harrell ran on city government being managed properly and being accountable (what a concept). He advocated for focusing on small and minority-owned businesses and jobs in order to restore the city’s economy. In the video clip above, Harrell talks about moving the homeless off the streets <*clutch the pearls*> and into housing. The final kicker: Harrell doesn’t want to defund the police! Harrell feels that the department should become more “responsive to community needs, protecting all people and neighborhoods without bias,” but there should be no push to reduce their numbers or defund their work.

By Seattle’s standards, the man might as well be a Republican.

González, on the other hand, is pure progressive. González had policies to address the economy and the homelessness crisis, but both were three pages of voluminous wish lists. She also wanted to defund the police, and had a laundry list on climate change, transportation, housing, and art and culture initiatives that were typically geared toward big programs, and even bigger budgets.

KING 5 Political Analyst Scott McClellan said looking at the big picture, the voters appear to want a mayor who moves away from the “activist, ideological” approach.

 Ya think?!

KING 5 Political Analyst Ron Sims said the attack ad against Harrell was a “game-changer with a lot of people.” The ad, which González pulled after criticism, included a sexual assault victim who said it was “horrifying” that Harrell defended former Seattle Mayor Ed Murray. Harrell and his supporters called it racist.

You cannot make this stuff up. González, a Hispanic woman, pulls the race card on Harrell, a biracial (Japanse-Black) man. Apparently it didn’t work, as Harrell’s win is no small margin of victory. Still, like a typical Leftist, González is holding on for some of those union ballot fixers to help her out.

Though well behind after initial results, González was not ready to concede on election night.

“Tonight’s results and the fact that the votes of so many of our voters, who tend to vote at the very end, have not been counted means we may not know until late in the week or next week who the next mayor will be,” she said in a statement. “We respect every vote as equal regardless as to when it was cast and we will not prejudge the outcome.

It might have helped New Jersey Governor Phil “Bill of Wrongs” Murphy get over the top. But the city of Seattle is not the state of New Jersey, and González’ candidacy is of little consequence to the Democrats’ national agenda.

Bye, Felicia. Congratulations, Bruce Harrell.





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