IN MY ORBIT: Send Me to the Border so I Can Whip Somebody

(AP Photo/Jacqueline Larma)

I am angry about many things these days, but the most visceral is what is happening on the Southern Border. People who do a dangerous job, and do it with skill, compassion, and excellence are difficult to find. Anyone who has honed their craft or worked toward excellence in what they do understands this.

So for this Dementia-laden President to go out and say he’s going to make those mounted Border Patrol agents “pay” for doing what they were tasked to do is exceptionally galling.

This is a president who has never worked a day in his life at anything of import. He has ridden the coattails of others. He has grifted off his children and is a credible abuser of women and possibly children. And yet he has the nerve to condemn the job that hardworking, skilled, and dedicated people do, and threaten their livelihood.

What he’s doing to these agents is close to what he is doing to the American people with his stompy-foot vaccine demands, but so much worse.

The puppet Health and Human Services Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, along with this president, is setting up these dedicated Border Patrol agents, who have pledged to serve their country and the Constitution, to fail; and they know it better than anyone.

Biden is allowing people who are potentially COVID-positive to enter the country, and using my taxpayer dollars to do so, while demonizing the American people who refuse to get vaccinated. This administration is making me long for the day when we tarred and feathered corrupt officials. Perhaps we need to bring it back.

From Fox News:

Border Patrol agents were stunned and angered by the comments, which both claimed without evidence that migrants were run over and whipped, and at the same time cast a shadow over the investigation.

“Would you go to work and do your best knowing that if you do your boss is going to ‘make you pay’?” one agent told Fox News.  “I’m dumbfounded and don’t know what to say.”

The agent asked, “Is the president threatening to throw us in prison?”

Another said: “I see the administration wants to fry our agents. He just started a war with Border Patrol.”

President Dementia has also started a war with the American people. Texas Governor Greg Abbott is stepping up and saying that if these mounted agents, who have been put on desk duty, are fired, that the State of Texas will put them back to work. That’s fine and upstanding, but it doesn’t address the root of this mess. Biden and his ridiculously incompetent cabinet continue to further and reinforce a narrative of Border Patrol agents using whips on Haitian illegal immigrants, despite no evidence of this – and despite plenty of evidence that debunks it!

Head of National Border Patrol Council Brandon Judd asked the correct question: How are these agents supposed to get a fair investigation when Biden has already spoken as judge, jury, and executioner?

“Now that the president of the United States has already said they did wrong, how is an investigator supposed to do a true and honest investigation?” he told Fox News. “Because if that investigator finds they did nothing wrong — and they didn’t do anything wrong — but if that investigator finds they didn’t do anything wrong, how is that investigator’s job going to go?

Judd said Biden’s comments were “completely and totally outrageous” and accused Biden of “playing politics with Border Patrol agents’ lives.”

Judd again backed the agents at the center of the investigation and noted that they were doing the job they were tasked with doing by the same president who was now throwing them under the bus.

I’ll tell you what. It may be time to go back to citizen posses. I mean this. Recruit Americans who have a vested interest in protecting the Southern border and have the skill set, to go down to the Southern Border and do the deterrence and enforcement our government refuses to do. Personally, the use of whips would be a better idea than what is occurring now. If these well-fed and well-paid crisis actors that were picked to invade our border suffered the consequences of being a lawbreaker, then they might think twice and return back to their cushy life in whatever South American domicile they came from. Instead, we are giving them taxpayer-paid bus trips and flights into the interior of our country to do what they want to do. No vetting for disease or criminal records. No COVID tests, or forced vaccines. Simply allowing them to walk on through and find their destiny, while our Congress is working on robbing and destroying ours.

I cannot ride a horse, but I can wield a whip, and I am fueled by my anger at this government’s blatant disregard and disdain of America and its citizens. It is time we take matters into our own hands because the government continues to allow things to get out of hand.



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