Tying Border Patrol's Hands: Psaki Announces Removal of Mounted Border Patrol Agents

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It’s official: The Biden-Harris administration has no interest whatsoever in controlling the flood of illegal immigrants on the Southern Border. Believe nothing that comes out of their mouths about it.


Not that anyone ever did.

In today’s White House Press Briefing, Raggedy Jen Psaki announced that the use of mounted Border Patrol Agents has been suspended by Department of Health and Human Services Secy Alejandro Mayorkas.

So what he has asked all of us to convey clearly, to people who understandably have questions, are passionate, as concerned as we are about the images we have seen. Is one, we feel those images are horrible and horrific. There’s an investigation, the President certainly supports, overseen by Department of Homeland Security, which he has conveyed will happen quickly.

I can also convey to you, that the Secy also conveyed to Civil Rights leaders earlier this morning, is that we will no longer be using horses in Del Rio, so that is a policy change that has been made in response.

This is an active choosing to advance a false narrative, pure and simple, and except for one White House Correspondent, there was absolutely no push back on it. PBS correspondent Yamiche Alcindor was practically in tears, and demanded,

“Why isn’t [Biden] using that bully pulpit to speak out forcefully himself on the treatment of Haitians?

Psaki responded,

“His point of view is also reflected in the actions that have been taken … He certainly may still speak to it.”

Fox News’ Bill Melugin, one of the few national media correspondents who has bothered to be on the ground in Del Rio, TX, fully debunks the lie that Border Patrol agents were using “whips” on migrants.


The narrative that mounted Border Patrol agents were whipping migrants is false. They do not have whips. They have split reins to control the horse. They are long & have slack, & flop around while riding. They sometimes spin them like a propeller to signal horse to move forward.

There has been zero photographic or video evidence showing any migrants being physically struck by the split reigns. The horses were used as a physical tool to drive migrants backwards as they were attempting to cross illegally into the U.S.

What exactly needs to be investigated? As I said in an earlier article, this is pure dog-and-pony show to make it appear as though they are doing something. As Melugin affirmed, there is no evidence or even testimony by the Haitian illegals or other press on the ground that points to any wrongdoing. Instead of defending and affirming the difficult work of the Border Patrol agents, Mayorkas has placed the agents involved in the mounted control of illegals on desk duty. They have been stripped of their active role and rendered useless, when every useful hand is needed.


This false narrative has also forced the Special Envoy to Haiti to tender his resignation:

Daniel Foote, President Biden’s special envoy to Haiti, announced his resignation on Wednesday, citing the poor treatment of Haitian migrants by U.S. authorities as the reason for his departure. It’s the latest sign that the sudden arrival of thousands of Haitian migrants at the border — even separate from the already tense overall immigration picture — is creating not only a humanitarian crisis, but a political mess for the Biden administration.

In his resignation letter, Daniel Foote told Secretary of State Antony Blinken that he “will not be associated with the United States’ inhumane, counterproductive decision to deport thousands of Haitian refugees and illegal immigrants to Haiti,” adding that “our policy toward Haiti remains deeply flawed and my recommendations have been ignored or dismissed.”

Jen Psaki as the mouthpiece of the administration, continues to throw embattled Border Patrol agents who were simply doing their job under the bus by slandering what they did in the service of their jobs, and creating a controversy out of whole cloth.

It’s disgusting.

What is of further disgust is using this same narrative to eliminate an effective tool that helps the Border Patrol agents maintain order. This is obviously deliberate. In its own way, this is as useful as Defund the Police in demoralizing and destroying the effectiveness of law enforcement on the border. The Biden administration appears to delight in typing both hands behind the back of Border and Immigration enforcement. Not only are they throwing Border Patrol agents under the bus, but they are backing up to run over them.


Interesting that those “horrible” “horrific” images were addressed by Psaki, but these images of Border Patrol agents also doing their job were never given a mention?



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