Tea Party Patriots Mount More Nationwide Protests Against COVID Vaccine and Mask Mandates

Tea Party Patriots Mount More Nationwide Protests Against COVID Vaccine and Mask Mandates
Tea Party Patriots 'Just Say No' to UnAmerican Medical Mandates Event (Credit: TPPA Website)

On Wednesday, September 22, Tea Party Patriots Action (TPPA) will hold nationwide protests against the mostly Democrat-led push for COVID vaccine mandates and mask compliance.

The “Just Say NO” to UnAmerican Medical Mandates events will be held in 17 states, as far west as California, and as far east as Florida. Twenty-eight events are planned thus far, and TPPA is in the process of finalizing a few dozen more.

TPPA Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin issued the following statement:

“President Biden’s outrageous vaccine mandate is firing up the grassroots, and we are channeling that energy into a ‘Day of Action’ for those who are ready and eager to stand up for their constitutional rights,” said TPPA Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin.

“No American should be forced by the government – or anyone else, for that matter – to put something in their body they don’t want to take. Nor should anyone be required to wear a mask, especially our children when they’re in school.”

There are five of these events (so far) scheduled in California, where the battle over mask mandates in schools continues to rage. Let Them Breathe, in conjunction with Reopen California Schools filed a lawsuit in July to end all mask mandates in K-12 schools throughout the state. That lawsuit has been granted an emergency hearing at the end of the month.

Martin further stated,

“The growing number of mandates are not about public health, they are about control. They are about trying to replace the doctor-patient relationship with a government-patient relationship, and that’s just wrong. Politicians at all levels are seeing how much they can get away with, and hoping to set precedents that will extend the reach of government even further into our lives permanently. Our protest events this week will show them that large numbers of Americans reject that line of thinking, and will not acquiesce to this would-be tyranny.”

This is the second round of protests mounted by the grassroots organization. On August 28, TPPA held its first “Day of Action” against medical mandates in 79 cities and towns across the country.

For information on main events near you, visit StopMedicalMandates.com.

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