Barbra Streisand Spouts off About the Newsom Recall

(Photo by John Salangsang/Invision/AP, File)

Consider this billionaire elite Sunday, where the monied interests are working hard to convince the plebians that they really don’t know what they’re doing and should continue to listen to them.

Cue Barbra Streisand.

The California recall of Governor Newsom is a perversion of the laws intent. It is funded by big right wing money aimed at eroding public health protections. Vote No. Mail your ballot today.

Perversion? You must be thinking of your 2013 Christmas album. How you can sing about Jesus’ coming but hate and target his followers is kind of a huge disconnect.

Streisand was all in for Hillary Clinton in 2016, pouring huge amounts of money, concert appearances, and PR to show that she was “With Her,” and anyone who loved Streisand should be too. In a slathering 2017 USA Today piece, Streisand made her feelings known about the freshly inaugurated President Donald J. Trump, and her affection for Clinton, who Streisand thought should have been the occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

She later talked about hearing a recent interview by Hillary Clinton and said it “makes us yearn for what could have been, what should have been. I was thrilled to hear yourself describe yourself as an activist citizen and part of the resistance.”

Ewww… Kinda cringe.

It is apparent that Streisand knows as much about the Recall law as she does about Christmas music. It is laughable that she talks about “big right wing money” when she is one of the people who gives big left-wing money to all the causes and politicians she likes, in order to erode the rights of we plebians. We are sick to death of homelessness, rampant and increasing crime, high taxes, and even higher gas prices. All the things Streisand doesn’t give an iota of brain power (whatever she has that is) about, because she has money, several other houses, and if she needs to leave her mansion, a personal driver. Gas? What gas?

There were the usual members of the Cult of the Perpetually Clueless chiming in like the good little dolts they are; but, you would be surprised at the number of people who alluded Streisand to her lack of influence on this matter.

It does, doesn’t it? Coming from a large chunker who is a part of that bigger chunk, we vehemently disagree with her. The 2.1 million collected Recall petition signatures and the 1.7 million verified ones should have told her that.

This person understands how to actually read and pay attention. The Recall law has been around since 1911. In 179 efforts, only 11 have garnered enough signatures to qualify for the ballot. Of those 11, only 6 resulted in a successful recall of the elected official. We are banking on No. 7 to be successful. So go pound sand, Barbra.

Of her various homes probably across the world, Streisand’s California compound is probably far from any homeless encampments, and is no doubt well guarded. Unlike her friend Barbara Boxer, she doesn’t have to worry about being mugged on the street. The rest of the plebes, well, sucks to be you! We have had enough of your input on matters that never effect you. Take all the seats.

Nor can I, Bonnie Cora, along with millions of others. This state has been held hostage for too long by monied special interest-types like Streisand, along with Unions.

Real Californians are ready for a change.