Nancy Pelosi Unleashes Her Minions to Tank the CA Recall of Gavin Newsom

Nancy Pelosi Unleashes Her Minions to Tank the CA Recall of Gavin Newsom
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At least she’s open about it, and nobody is surprised. They know if a clean election happens, Hair Gel is as good as gone.

From Fox News:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Thursday said she’s activated her political operation to help California Gov. Gavin Newsom stay in office and expressed confidence the recall effort against him will fail.

Pelosi, D-Calif., said she’s working at the grassroots level to turn out the vote in California ahead of the Sept. 14 election.

“We respect it,” Pelosi said Thursday of the recall effort against the Democratic governor. “But we do not like it, and we will defeat it.”

Notice her language: Respect it. Not, “Respect the people” or “Respect them”, but, “Respect IT”. Did you know you were an IT? Just something amorphous, like irritating smoke to be fanned away. Pelosi’s language reveals her disdain for people who will not be used as political pawns.

During an event Thursday with Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., on the Child Tax Credit, Pelosi said many of Newsom’s initiatives have “alleviated” the pain of coronavirus pandemic, and she urged Californians to rally behind him.

“I want everybody to get out the vote,” Pelosi said. “I have my own operation working to get out the vote [and] making calls to defeat the recall of our governor.”

You bet your bippy she has more than that! But for now, she’s using the Cult of the Perpetually Clueless, and SEIU/AFL-CIO union stooges to act as her flying monkeys. Not to mention all the arms of the Democrat GOTV machine bench pressing and flexing. Especially the women, because Newsom has done so much for them. Like keeping their children out of school for a year-and-a-half.

The Women’s March is still a thing? I thought since they got rid of Trump they would have retired their pussy hats.

Women for Biden-Harris are also activated.

And the Democrats of Pacific Palisades. This is one of the richest districts in the country, and I bet you dollars to donuts that they never have to step over the homeless to get to their mansions.

For the younger Millennial and Zoomer set, it’s all fun, games, and postcards! Because, Democracy shouldn’t be so serious!

And here’s a neat trick. The person writing the postcard may not even be a California voter—they just follow the Dem talking points and act accordingly:

This Chica hates FL Gov. Ron DeSantis so much that she is working to help CA Gov. Gavin Newsom keep his seat. So… why doesn’t she live in California, then?

This is Pelosi’s and the Democrats’ army, and while they are never to be underestimated, compared to other efforts, this campaign smacks of frenzy and disorganization.

As I said in another article, the desperation is showing.

After scouring the bowels of Twitter, I found this sampling of some of Pelosi’s activists who are doing all they can to get out the vote for His Hairfulness, as well as commentary from the Cult of the Perpetually Clueless.

While vigilance is still the order of the day, if this sampling of her recruits and voters is any indication, they should give it up now:

“Be a voter!” or just look like one.

Minority Rule? You mean like the tyranny the progressives in Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco are imposing on the rest of the State? Hmmm….

No, “go time” was when you had an opportunity to sign the petition; but you didn’t.

Nah, boo, it doesn’t work that way! But the more blanks you leave, the more the YES on Recall voters can support their preferred candidate. So, it works for us!

Maybe lay off the cannabis and pick up the Constitution.

The fact that this voter cannot even bother to search the internet for the sites that tell her about polling information and when her ballot will be delivered, gives me even greater hope that Newsom will be Recalled. Will this voter even have the energy to walk to her mailbox and get the ballot? Or the energy to fill out the ballot at all?

She’ll probably forget to mail it.

Yeah, just like Postmaster General DeJoy did the last time, when Joe Biden won. It was a horrible job of sabotage… by DeJoy.

At another event in San Francisco this week, Cruella Pelosi had more denigrating comments about the Recall, and those who support it:

“He’s been a great governor, and I’d like to see this, shall we say, nuisance — but it’s part of what you can do, so we respect that — but we have to also get out the vote,” Pelosi said. “Reject the recall. It’s not good for you. It’s not good for children and other living things,” she added, mentioning Newsom’s “breakthrough” policies, like free school meals.

Did you further know that you are a NUISANCE? We have gone from “IT” to “NUISANCE” in just the short space of a week.

This shows more of Cruella’s blatant disrespect for the voices of 2.1 million Californians who signed the petitions, and the millions of others who worked to ensure this Recall made the ballot.

In the next 30 days, we plan to become more than a Nuisance, Nancy. You will find it increasingly difficult to dismiss us like so much smoke.

The fact that Hair Gel has to depend on Cruella and Dementia Joe to ramp things up is a good sign that it will soon be, Game Over.

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